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New Profile Posts

  1. albert munich
    albert munich
    waiting for my favorite team match Brazil VS Costarica ... verification neymar as salh one of the world's greatest players
  2. SixthSense
    less than 2 hours to go, lads!
  3. johnnyT
    sheeping around
  4. Muller
    Can't wait for the world cup.
  5. Sean4393
    Leave him alone!
  6. JoshBCFC
  7. AdzSAFC
    I am the don.
  8. Tuan
    Master Project research Your Age Your Gender Football club you support
  9. Spik3y
    Spik3y Sunlight
    Add me on insta babe
  10. Minty
    mibbi if ye dae a jobby martin yer maw will wipe yer arse fur ye martin
  11. Red Tide
    Red Tide
    He who dares wins.
  12. JoshBCFC
    9:30 PM. Quiz on Flood This (First to half a million replies thread).
  13. Spik3y
    Spik3y Sunlight
    Add me on insta
  14. Parrotia
    In Pergatory!
  15. Joga bonito
    Joga bonito
    Salah, 2018 Ballon d’Or Winner
  16. Red Tide
    Red Tide
    Man United
  17. Minty
    We're only heeeereee forrr the draaaaaafffts!
  18. Canary Fairy
    Canary Fairy
    37 days to go :)
  19. Roverandout
    We are going up!
  20. John Lupo
    John Lupo
    A different and changed person since last here. Photographer and writer.