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    All a bit cringeworthy unless you're about 11.

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    Collected quite a few over the years, when I used to go to Chelsea. One player I missed back in those days was Clive Walker but I managed to get his when he was playing for Woking. All stashed away safely, I'm especially fond of having Petar Borota and Peter Osgoods as both have since died. I have a programme from the 1987 Arsenal V Spurs League Cup semi final replay, signed by Ian Allinson who scored the winner in that game. I've had offer for a few hundred quid for it from avid Gooners but thats not why I got it and I like looking through all my old stuff from time to time.

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    Dad brought me up to Melwood years ago and I got a few autographs . I used to love Steve McManaman and got him to sign a photo for me. It's still in my mam's house somewhere. Also got autographs off Fowler, Barnes and Rush but being a nipper I'd lost them by the end of the day.

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    I have got around 100 signed photos of footballers and managers.

    I had a phase between 1996-2002 where I started writing pleading letters to sports stars far and wide and back then most clubs would happily send them - except Arsenal, who apologised saying they only do that for those less fortunate; IE: in hospital or ill.

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