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Aug 27, 2016 at 8:40 AM
Aug 15, 2009
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Feb 9, 1995 (Age: 26)

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You reds!, 26

SaddlerMatt was last seen:
Aug 27, 2016
    1. MUFC Matt
      MUFC Matt
      Sadler do you go Coventry Uni?
    2. SaddlerMatt
      It's a fine colour.
    3. Dan
      I meant ghey not they. **** you iPhone correction.
    4. Dan
      You're so they, your profile is PINK, tehehe how cute!! Bless you hunni!
    5. SalopTillIDie
      WHO R YA??? SAAALOP!
    6. Yonner
    7. Town_Ender
      I'm crying. Gators you are comedy gold.
    8. Gatorschampions
      Fine, Matthew, but is it necessary to always take a punt at me being American? We're all the same. I see you talk about the players round here. Can you at least fill me in on that?
    9. SaddlerMatt
      Stop saying 'Matty Boy' you tedious american flap.

      I barely know how Walsall play, if I supported Walsall due to the football I think I'd have hung myself a few years back.
    10. Gatorschampions
      Listen, Matty boy. They closed the threads where this all happened and you still found it necessary to leave me a message. In any case, you asked me what more do I want to know about Walsall. I want to know the formation you guys play, the style of play, player styles/strengths, etc. I'm trying to find a fan of every team to broaden my admittedly limited knowledge of the details of the sport.
    11. ntfcdave
      I think he was laughing at the missing cheesecake story, which in itself, is very serious.
    12. Gatorschampions
      Apparently, you find it funny that someone can be near homelessness and lost a friend to internet abuse. Pathetic. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, Matty. You are young.
    13. SaddlerMatt
    14. Ghosh
      Dear Deadrie,

      Hey, i am having a few problems in my personal life and i have been told you are the one to talk to? So here goes... Basically last night i felt VERY depressed when i noticed my last cheese cake had gone missing (all my family members have denied the abduction) soi depressed that i actually ended up putting my manhood in a bowl full of bleach :( silly i know, but i just don't know what to do anymore!! I've tried talking to my family about the missing cheese cake but they either laugh and not take it serious or just flat out deny that they had any involvement.

      I don't really need advice, just someone to share my current feelings with :(

      Yours gratefully.

      Cheese cake lover.
    15. Gatorschampions
      While i'm not offended by your constant ''woman'' comments, you completely miss the point, which the Southend poster put clear as day: the guy is a dick and only getting 7 days is a crime. It's one thing to say stuff in jest and another to cross the line(as that Southend poster said), which is the other point I think you and a couple others miss. You may not take it seriously and that's your right, but rather than call me a ''woman'', ignore me. In any case, the point is that he's a menace to this site and should never be allowed back. Maybe no one knew about that stuff I put on the thread(which you, not surprisingly ignored), but when you're barely surviving, any little thing can get you going. Maybe now you actually understand.
    16. LOFC
      So you're first name is Walsall, and second name Aces.

    17. LOFC
      Yes, because theres so much minge on a football casual clothing forum you helmet.
    18. LOFC
      Better than Walsall_Aces, you aces little ****.
    19. LOFC
    20. LOFC
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    Feb 9, 1995 (Age: 26)
    Walsall FC