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Jun 21, 2018 at 11:21 PM
May 27, 2009
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Jul 29, 1992 (Age: 25)

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League 1 member, 25, from Shrewsbury

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Jun 21, 2018 at 11:21 PM
    1. SaddlerMatt
    2. ThePompeyMaster
    3. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Jesus. Sounds crazy. Normally it is like the smallest thing and no one would ever be harmed. But people could have actually been hurt. Good job it was abandoned.
    4. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Hate fans that are pessimistic. Sometimes they just need to watch the game and be quiet. Fair enough if they say it at the end of the game. But not when you are 1-0 down and can rectify the fact.
      We have fans like that but they seem to just pick on certain players. I remember Garcia, would play great in a game and then would make 1 mistake and get hounded by the crowd.
      Yeah I heard about that fire. How was that caused?
    5. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Yeah it was on Kist. Backed him from the beginning £2 at 50/1 :laugh:
      I love it when Taylor loses. I don't like him. Think he is an arrogant arse. Good dart player, but so so arrogant.
      Yeah I watched it was going to put a bet on 2-1 to Shrews then didn't, wish I had when they won. Haha. Quite an entertaining game. Everytime you go 1-0 down, do you have squeaky bum time?
    6. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Oh right okay then, good luck then. I really hope you go up :)
      Yeah, I love darts. I play, and I love to watch it on TV. Won £100 on the BDO darts, with a bet :)
    7. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Would you be worried if you didn't do it against Accrington? Would you fancy yourselves in the play offs?
    8. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Yeah, I would have liked us to get the play offs (I would prefer promotion, obviously). But some seasons it just doesn't happen. My dad keeps telling me that next season we will struggle. Due to Barmby being new and can't see us buying any players for next season. I am happy for Reading, just glad we beat them at the Madjeski. Then for them to go on to romp the league. I want Southampton to go up now. Just don't want West Ham to go up because all of their supporters expecting them to come straight back.

      I know it is cruel, but I want them to be able to go up if they can win their last game of the season, and then I want us to beat them at Upton Park. To keep them down. Haha.

      Sounds amazing. Would love to have an unbeaten run, but that doesn't happen for us. Haha. Are you close to getting level with Nottingham forest's home record of 36 games? How close are you to promotion?
    9. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Hello, yeah haven't spoken to you in a while. Haven't even used these message bits for a while. Yeah enjoying it. Haha. Always enjoy it. Happy with our season so far. I didn't think we would make play offs, so not overly bothered that we are not going to make them.
      How about you? Must enjoy watching Shrewsbury. Going up? And that unbeaten home record.
    10. SaddlerMatt
      See you next season, in league one xxx.
    11. SaddlerMatt
      Hmmm, I don't know mate, we (well Chris Hutchings) often played the lad at LB and he was USELESS so I reckon he'd be even worse in the CB role, as you've probably found out he isn't tall nor strong nor fast.

      Our season, well, to put it blunt we're playing atrocious and are looking like early League Two fodder, weak squad and no depth, fans are already blaming the manager but he can't do anything with our budget. Yeah you're doing great so far, cheered you on in the cup but sadly it wasn't to be, glad you scored nevertheless, must've been mental once the ball struck the back of the net.

      You fooking watch us go down and you go up! :laugh:
    12. SaddlerMatt
      Definitely wasn't a police decision as whenever we play teams on a week day we bang them on the side, forgot to mention that to you beforehand!

      And yep, Floors 2 go lower, behind the goal.
    13. SaddlerMatt
      We made 3 changes, Macken and Grigg were out and Walker was sitting on the bench. You should have definitely equalized with or without your top players, still Grof made some top saves near the end. No doubt Shrewsbury should have had a penalty though, clear handball when that scramble was going on down our end.

      Good game overall, stupid police presence made themselves look like tossers. Only 2,600 in attendance after all!

      :D Did you enjoy the pillars? Thought you'd have been stuck into the proper away end, personally.
    14. SaddlerMatt
    15. SaddlerMatt
      Good! You filthy Sloppie bastards! ;)
    16. SaddlerMatt
      I guess so. I know we'd bring a fair few if it was at your gaff. Should be a good game nevertheless, don't expect an atmosphere though, f*cking morgue central is the Bezza.
    17. SaddlerMatt
      Absolutely no idea, I never got and collect my Cup tickets. All I know is we don't do Student discounts, ect. We should do, mind!

      Whatever the price I can't see up getting anything over 4,000, maybe 4,200 if you bring a fair few.
    18. SaddlerMatt
      Well they've told us home fans - Walsall site - THE SADDLERS' Johnstone's Paint Trophy first round clash with Shrewsbury Town will take place here at Banks's Stadium on Tuesday, August 30th (kick-off 7.45pm).

      Admission prices have been set at £10 (adults) and £5 (concessions) for all areas of the stadium. Tickets can be ourchased in advance from the Banks's Stadium Ticket Office, online by clicking here or by telephone, with credit card, on 01922-651 414/416.

      Tickets will be on sale from 9.00am on Wednesday, August 17th.


      No idea if these prices apply to the away fans also.

      I don't think it's bitterness either, even when Richards was banging them in fans were slating him like hell. All is forgotten anyway as we have Adam Chambers who's a much better football than Matty.
    19. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Oh yeah I can't say that he didn't take the goal well. Yeah Plymouth seem to be falling apart. Do you think it could be promotion this season?
    20. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Cool. Started the season with a loss, lets hope it can only get better.
      Do you think you will beat Plymouth?
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    Jul 29, 1992 (Age: 25)