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Aug 30, 2011 at 5:46 PM
Jul 3, 2009
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smithy_fox was last seen:
Aug 30, 2011
    1. Town_Ender
      I miss you. Come back. All is forgiven. xx
    2. Town_Ender
      That message hadn't ended. It just limited me with my words. :p

      Anyway I was just going to wish you best as well for next season. Will miss the banter with you but will pop up to the Championship from time to time to see how my old pals from Bristol and Leicester are fairing. You could re-pay the favour by congratulating us on our title win! I'm not that deluded and know it'll be tough.

    3. Town_Ender
      Mate, you've posted on your own profile, you silly sausage!
      I was wondering where you had got to and then when looking on my profile, I saw you changed your avatar (good choice, see mine) and realised you had been active so clicked on your profile and low and behold, here you are! ;)

      Ah, hopefully I'll be able to re-join you with the banter after next season (actually screw that, hope you make the Prem, which I think you will) but its grim down there. Hopefully it will lead to success and happiness, something us Preston fans have had very little of, of recent!

      Ah, well if I could turn back time, I'd give you the win as it was meaningless to us anyway. You looked good but you lacked something that we had, commitment and desire. You were by far the better footballing side but we drew with you because the players were willing to fight.
    4. smithy_fox
      how are you pal?;)...
      and yeah, quite dissapointed with myself for not staying up-to-date with all the banter on here.. i blame the new bird!

      have a nice trip to League One, it's not as bad as expected, honest!
      you shouldn't be there for too long i hope:thumb

      I never told you, I came up to Deepdale AGAIN this season when we drew 1-1, you didn't half knock us down a peg that came, that basically wrecked our play-off chances with that.

      Ah well.. all the best for 2011/12.

      Speak to you again soon mate,
      Smithy x
    5. Town_Ender
      You haven't posted much this season. Where have you been? :cry:;)
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