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Aug 16, 2016 at 2:43 AM
Mar 19, 2003
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Feb 14, 1983 (Age: 38)

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Aug 16, 2016
    1. TOM OAFC
      TOM OAFC
      summet like that yeah why?
    2. Chris S.F.C
      Chris S.F.C
      Is your name Tom O'Shea? Or something similar
    3. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Great thanks mate, and yeah it was an amazing result. Thought we were going to lose it when they made it 2-2 then when we got the winner, the full crowd went mental :)
      Did you play ?
    4. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Hi mate, how are you ?
    5. Yonner
      So your a Shaw gawbie then haha. Did you see that flag in the WC?

      Shaws areet, I have some family in Shaw, it's not to bad.
      Is your street far from Boundary Park?
    6. TOM OAFC
      TOM OAFC
      lol been chatting to a young Oldham fan who lived in Chadderton. Bottom sholvar aint to bad my sister lives on there but most call it pearly bank or moorside now.

      I live just down the road in Shaw am always walking up and down between the 2 me old man used to live on top Sholvar before he died.
    7. Yonner
      Bottom Sholver me mate, it's areet round here 65% of the D*ckheads live on Top Sholver.
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    Feb 14, 1983 (Age: 38)
    Oldham Athletic


    I, I live among the creatures of the night