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Chesterfield - The Proact Stadium

Discussion in 'Grounds Guide' started by Housham7, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Housham7

    Jul 30, 2006
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    Scunthorpe United
    How Easy Was It To Find? Very.. it's on one of the main roads out of Chesterfield. Right next to a Tesco Superstore and Cheapo Hotel. If you're coming by train from Sheffield you can see it as you go past.

    Got the train there and walked up, took about 25 minutes.

    Car Parking ? Loads of it.

    View and comfort ? it's a decent ground, about what a club like Chesterfield needs. No restricted views or anything.

    £20 to get in and £2 for a programme isn't bad either.

    Catering ? Standard Stuff, had a pint of Cider in there. we were in "The Rubicon Stand" so was hoping they would sell Mango Pop, but turns out it's a local printers.

    Most went to Greggs(including our injured players)in the Tesco complex for their food beforehand.

    Atmosphere From Home Fans and away fans is it easy to create a good atmosphere in the away end ? Not bad. we didn't sing much but we never do anymore. Chesterfield only did when their drummer did.

    Pubs, Things To Do Nearby ? There is but never went in them(was with a mate and his lad who weren't bothered). Stopped for an expensive pint in the Chesterfield Hotel on the way home - Amstel, not bad.

    Chesterfield's not a bad drinking town but you need to watch for the Local Idiots. Police were escorting fans back which was needed.

    Overall score out Of 10? Much improved from Saltergate, 8/10.

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