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Don't praise Bobby Robson...

Discussion in 'Premier League' started by Chazza, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. Chazza

    Chazza Muffin-less

    Apr 16, 2001
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    West Ham Utd
    ...Just because he is 70.

    An interesting read on the great man... ;)

    BOBBY ROBSON, don't you love him? Well, yes, but there has been a deluge of drivel about the old codger because he will be 70 next Tuesday.

    He's regarded exactly as we used to regard the Queen Mum - exempt from criticism and revered just for being old. Only Millwall fans don't think he's lovely. They remember he once suggested turning a flame-thrower on them. Not quite the avuncular image he's got now, is it?

    But then we've forgotten quite a lot about his career.

    We've forgotten that his reign as England manager was not a glorious crusade of unbroken success. England won only 47 of the 95 internationals while he was in charge. Some of the performances were appalling. In the 1988 European Championships, England lost all three games and landed home at Luton airport as shamefaced, forlorn flops.

    Two years later at the same airport, the scene was very different. Robson and his squad flew in from the 1990 World Cup as heroes. Nobody cared that we'd stumbled through our group, staggered past Belgium in extra-time and only beaten Cameroon with a couple of dodgy penalties. Nobody complained that we'd been incompetent at penalties in the semi-final against Germany, either.

    Robson went off to work in Europe and since then he has become a truly great manager. There is no doubt about that. He won titles in Holland and Portugal and now has revitalised Newcastle and, more incredibly, rejuvenated Alan Shearer.

    Robson deserves our respect and has earned our affection. But don't deify him just because he'll have a lot of candles on his cake. It's absurd to do that; getting old isn't hard. Trust me. I'm doing it, and there's nothing to it.

    Praising Robson for being good at his job at 69 is ageist. Those who harp on about Robson's "enthusiasm" are suggesting that anyone of his age should be sitting in a home somewhere playing Scrabble.

    By venerating Robson simply because of his age we are denying respect to everyone else who is old enough to have a bus pass but is still driven by ambition.

    (The Mirror).
  2. Athers

    Athers Guest

    thats Sir Bobby Robson ;)

    great manager, good bloke, talks his mind.

  3. Thanx Ref

    Thanx Ref New Member

    Feb 5, 2003
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    'THE MIRROR' marginly higher up the food chain than 'THE SUN' Why don't you read a decent paper instead of bum fodder :no:
  4. Owzat

    Owzat New Member

    Jul 12, 2002
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    Bit harsh to criticise Sir Bobby Robson's record as England manager

    Of course Sir Bobby Robson lead a charmed life as England manager, haven't they all in recent times?

    Graham Taylor - England scrape through to Euro '92 ahead of Eire and manage two draws and a loss. England then fail miserably to qualify for USA '94, losing to Norway and Holland away and drawing with them both at home :no:

    Terry Venables - England qualify as hosts and draw with Switzerland before beating Holland and Scotland. England are outplayed by Spain, beating them on penalties, before going out to Germany on..........penalties :no:

    Glenn Hoddle - England lose at home to Italy and qualify for France '98 with a draw away to Italy because Italy couldn't beat the likes of Georgia. In the finals England beat Tunisia, lose to Romania and beat Colombia before playing Argentina with ten men. Someone allows Batty to take a penalty in the shoot-out and England make their way back home :no:

    Kevin Keegan - England lose away to Sweden and rely on a narrow victory over Scotland in the play-offs to qualify. England lose 3-2 to Portugal having been 2-0 up and then, having beaten Germany, lose to Romania "thanks" to Phil Neville :mad: After England lose 1-0 to Germany at home in World Cup qualifiers Keegan walks out......... :no:

    Sven Goran Eriksson - England win well in Germany (score anyone? ;) ) before a sequence of indifferent performances see England rely on a late Beckham equaliser and German inefficiency to get England to the World Cup finals. At the finals England perform reasonably in drawing with Sweden, beating Argentina, drawing with Nigeria and beating Denmark and are then put out by David Seaman's "error" against Brazil :no:


    I think every England manager since Robson has had some luck, some poor results and some dreadful performances, singling him out is mightily unfair
  5. Horsey

    Horsey To Insanity...and Beyond!

    Sep 10, 2000
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    In hindsight Glenn Hoddle did quite well as manager. We qualified from our group relatively easily with 2 wins ( :eek: ) and had a decent game against Argentina. And don't remember Hoddle actually WON something - albeit the 1997 Tornoui de Cup, the crappy friendly World Cup preview league with France, Brazil and Italy, still we did beat the frogs and the drama queens eh? Even Ian Wright scored :D
  6. Vinyljunkie

    Vinyljunkie Geordie Boot Boy

    Jan 13, 2003
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    Their suggesting that Bobby has more enthusiasm tha most in the game, not just old people, can you see any other manager talking 20mins none stop in an interview with the interviewer only asking one question?

    Apart from THE Keegan speech in 1996/97
    #6 Vinyljunkie, Feb 18, 2003
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 18, 2003
  7. St Dom

    St Dom Registered User

    Jan 31, 2003
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    Re: Bit harsh to criticise Sir Bobby Robson's record as England manager

    To be fair, when Sven took over, England were virtually down and out in that qualifying group. That they qualified at all was a minor miracle.

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