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Dundee United - Tannadice Park

Discussion in 'Grounds Guide' started by Housham7, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Housham7

    Jul 30, 2006
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    Scunthorpe United
    How Easy Was It To Find? Very much like St James' Park, Newcastle as it's on a Hill but with Factories and Warehouses mainly instead of Houses surrounding it. i knew it was a steep uphill walk... So i got a Taxi from the City Centre and walked the 20 minutes or so downhill back.

    Car Parking ? A mix of Street Parking and Wasteland being used as Car Parks.

    View and comfort ? Not Bad - In the East Side of one of the Main Stands. Unobstructed view, so no complaints.

    Catering ? Standard stuff, Pies, Hot Dogs and Bovril.

    Atmosphere From Home Fans and away fans is it easy to create a good atmosphere in the away end ? Decent Crowd(8000-plus) and a good atmosphere. Best i've seen at a Scottish game in a while.

    Pubs, Things To Do Nearby ? Not much, Go to Dundee City Centre where there is loads of nice pubs.

    Overall score out Of 10? 7/10. Would score higher if there was somewhere to get programmes near the Away end.

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