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Hurricane crash site found on Crete

Discussion in 'History & Literature' started by zippy, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. zippy

    zippy The friendly Fascist

    Oct 27, 2006
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    Sheffield United,FC Bayern
    My Cretan friend Stelios T yesterday identified the crash site of a Hawker Hurricane which crashed on the island just before the invasion during a dogfight with German fighters, pilot Lt Carbray-Richardson was killed.

    "Drill in morning for first hour rifle exercise and semaphore. 40 dive bombers and 14 fighters came over several fights on and we have seen 3 planes go down in a cloud of smoke. One landing in the hills about 8 miles away.
    Saturday 17th
    I’ve walked up to where plane had crashed and enroute we stopped at a village and told that the plane was a hurricane and that the pilot an Englishman had been brought down and was then in a nearby church. We went and saw the body in a rude coffin around and on which were heaps of flowers. 2 huge flower covered crosses with wide mauve ribbons on which was written flight Lieut Richards “Hero of Great Britain” stood at the head of the coffin and the church was packed with weeping women. We were told that the plane was coming down and had the pilot jumped it would have crashed into a little village, instead the pilot stayed at the controls and was able to draw the plane off. By this time the plane was very close to the ground and the parachute didn’t have time to open before he hit the ground. The Hurricane engine buried in the ground and the fuselage broke off behind the cockpit. The plane was absolutely guttered by fire and the hill scorched for several chains. The outskirts of the village was 150 yds away. invasion during a dogfight with German fighters, pilot Lt Carbray-Richardson was killed".

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