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Mentality Monsters

Discussion in 'History & Literature' started by Redpelt, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Redpelt

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    Feb 5, 2019
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    Just ordered Tomkins new book off Amazon. I wasn't going to bother as football and 'specifically' Liverpool related literature tends to be a touch samey. I have however been assured that this bucks the trend.
    What I do know is Tomkins is an intelligent writer whose short pieces I regularly read on TT are fresh and often soaked in disarming wit born of years of sufferance supporting this team through their Premiership years.


    Some of the reviews for this book have been nothing short of impressive.

    "Perhaps the most intelligent guide to LFC available on the internet"

    The Independent on Sunday

    “An ingenious and intelligent look beneath the surface to reveal what the headlines too often don’t tell us. Fascinating.”

    Jonathan Wilson

    “Golddust analysis”

    John Sinnott, BBC

    “[Football analysis] is best left to the professionals, like the admirable Mr Tomkins.”

    Daily Telegraph

    "Another triumph of impeccable research, Pay As You Play brings much-needed factual insight to a discussion previously dominated by half-truths"

    Oliver Kay, The Times

    "Very compelling arguments"

    Gabriele Marcotti, BBC Radio Five Live

    "Liverpool do happen to be blessed with supporters whose statistical analysis provides a lucid interpretation of where the club’s strengths and weaknesses lie, accessible through the Tomkins Times website. One such analyst [is] Dan Kennett”

    Ian Herbert, The Independent


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