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Rate your Summer signings

Discussion in 'Championship' started by LordMegson, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. LordMegson

    LordMegson Registered User

    Apr 25, 2011
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    as of now ....

    Ali al habsi - free transfer - 3rd choice keeper and hasn't played yet. Came in and done his job so far as being 3rd choice ...3/10.

    Darnell furlong - 1.3m - one who has surprised me, didn't come with the best of reviews but has been top notch, bombs forward at every opportunity and a solid defender. More like a wing back. Gotta be one of the best right backs in the league. If more clean sheets then 9 but..8/10

    Semi ajayi - 2m - was one who actually came half decent but has been more than that. Has improved our defence massively. Great defender and a threat in the other box. Same as furlong for me, gotta be one of the best defenders in the league.would be a 9 if more clean sheets but I'll say 8/10

    Filip krovinovic - season long loan - hasn't been great but has been decent enough. Solid player but yet to score or do anything to get into the first 11 yet. Keeps things simple But has been better when coming off bench for me. Has age on his side but right now I'll go with a 6/10

    Matheus pereria - season long loan - good god...fantastic talent. 9 goals/assists so far. Need to get him on a permanent, thankfully we have an agreement of 8m if we go up. Becoming a target for the opposition. 9/10

    Romaine sawyers - 2.7m - one of the reasons why our midfield has improved drastically. Doesn't assist or score many Due to how deep he plays but fantastic player. Pass rate has to be one of the best. All of his passes are forward which gets us going plus hes a Albion fan..9/10

    Chris willock - season long loan - not sure what he came in to do ? Hasnt played any part at all but has been banging in the goals for the u21s...but I'll have to go with 0/10 due to no playing time and unsure what he came in for to do

    Grady diangana - season long loan - same as pereria 9 goals/assists but we don't have option to sign. Great player. Another one who's becoming a target. 9/10

    Kenneth zohore - 8m - 2 penalties. No goals open play and not getting a look in now. Be decent though if given chances but right now 4/10

    Charlie Austin - 4m - 1 league goal...4/10

    All in all a fantastic summer. the way pereria, sawyers, diangana & krovinovic has changed the way our midfield play. Ajayi & furlong improved our defence. Impossible to judge al habsi & willock so far but both doing there jobs I supppse..highly disappointed with Austin & zohore.

    Somehow we made a profit in the summer and completely changed our playing style on cheaper wages and it's worked so far
  2. PreedyPride

    PreedyPride Mediocrates

    Jul 12, 2012
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    10/10 for every one of ours.
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  3. Cotterill:49

    Cotterill:49 Registered User

    Jul 6, 2010
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    Swansea City AFC
    Freddie Woodman (9/10) - main difference between us last season and this. Nordfeldt cost us about ten points last season and Freddie's not made a mistake yet. To get him in loan was top business.

    Ben Wilmot (8/10) - only getting a look in now at centre back but a much better loan signing than Carter- Vickers last season. Much more suited to us and looks a real player who'll get a good run of games now.

    Jake Bidwell (6/10) - solid enough left back at this level on a free.

    Kristoffer Peterson (3/10) - came in as the main signing this season but hasn't done anything, looks like he's got skill but just can't get in the team so disappointing so far.

    Aldo Kalulu (4/10) - not seen him play, but made no impact. Benefit of the doubt though as I think that's largely been down to injury.

    Sam Surridge (7/10) - we definitely needed better cover up top, but couldn't afford any so to get Surridge in was really good business. Definitely belongs at this level, five goals in all comps so far and is good at finishing but is definitely still developing.
  4. J Rocker

    J Rocker Registered User

    Apr 17, 2018
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    Bristol City
    Tomas Kalas (£7m) - as we’ve come to expect from him having had him on loan last season. Quality player, missed a couple of months this season through injury and it was noticeable. (8/10)

    Han Noah Massengo (£8m) - 18 year old that is going to make us an absolute fortune, **** knows how we have him. Top 6 move in the summer I should think. (8/10)

    Kasey Palmer (£4m) - Outstanding on his day, looks much fitter than he did last season. Misses a striker that runs in behind though, when we had that in Afobe he was taking the piss. (7/10)

    Adam Nagy (£2.5m) - Quality player from the little we’ve seen but been very frustrating so far, he picked up an injury on the 16th August that was supposed to keep him out for two weeks and he only just got back from it yesterday..... (6/10)

    Jay Da Silva (£2m) - Injured on the opening day and not expected back until January. Shame as he’s a class act. (5/10)

    Daniel Bentley (£2m) - Best signing of the summer, recaptured his form he shown in his first year at Brentford. Outstanding keeper. (10/10)

    Benik Afobe (season long loan) - Looked in superb nick but as seems to happen with most of outnumbering players picked up a bad injury, out for the season probably. (5/10)

    Tommy Rowe (free) - Not put a foot wrong, started every game bar one out of position and been very dependable. (8/10)

    Sam Szmodics (£750k) - 15 goals from CM last year in L2 but hasn’t had a look in here for us. Too early to judge. (5/10)

    Pedro Periera (loan) - Loan with an option to buy from Benfica. Looks decent for his age, supposedly around £4m we have agreed to buy him for, I wouldn’t be against that. (7/10)

    Good summer in fairness, £40m’s worth of departures that were reinvested.
  5. McKenna's Wand

    McKenna's Wand Registered User

    May 21, 2015
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    Patrick Bauer - Immense, exactly what we needed at the back and has played a major part in our great start to the season. A leader, aerially dominant, reads it well and useful in possession.

    David Nugent - Hasn't played much, had a good game against Barnsley and gives us an option but not sure if he is capable of scoring a goal. Handy squad option.

    Tom Bayliss - Hasn't played a single minute in the league, looked a good prospect in the cup but too soon to make an assessment.

    Andre Green - Pointless loan signing, barely featured, send him back to Villa in January.
  6. LUFCAndy

    LUFCAndy Registered User

    May 5, 2016
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    Ben While - Great loan signing, defence looks stronger this year compared to last and he's a big part of that. No chance he'll be back next year. 10/10

    Eddie Nketiah - Our top scorer despite little game time. Looks lively but doesn't really fit our on man up front imo. Should maybe look at playing him and Bamford at home when he is back fit. Can tell there is a good player there. 6.5/10

    Heldar Costa - Starting to perform now after a slow start. Looks dangerous driving forward now he is up to Bielsa's fitness levels. 6.5/10

    Jack Harrison - Was with us last year, he's on a great goal/assist streak at the moment and showing the potential that he's threatened all last year. 8/10

    Jack Clarke - Not had any gametime, not too sure why he was brought back tbf. I think it would be better for him and us if he moved somewhere where he will get more gametime. 2/10

    Illan Meslier - Not had any gamtime in the first team but played well in the u23's. Looks a good prospect but unsure why we have loaned that, imo would rate higher if we'd bought him as think he will be good long term. 3/10
  7. Deacon27

    Deacon27 Registered User

    Jun 3, 2003
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    Stoke City
    Lee Gregory 7/10 - Probably the pick of the bunch. His hold up play has been fantastic, even if he has missed chances you'd expect him to score
    Cameron Carter Vickers 6/10 - Steady overall. Nathan Jones' diamond formation didn't do our centre-halves any favours
    Scott Hogan 6/10 - He's hardly played but has chipped in with three goals.
    Mark Duffy 5/10 - I like him as a player but he's just not had a run of games to build up any form
    Tommy Smith 5/10 - He's not been a regular starter. I'd hope for more from him in the long term
    Stephen Ward 5/10 - More back up than anything.
    Liam Lindsay 5/10 - I wouldn't write him off just yet but he's been disappointing to date. Like Smith, expensive and one for O'Neill to try and salvage
    Adam Davies 4/10 - Third choice. He'd have been better off staying at Barnsley
    Nick Powell 4/10 - Injured
    Jordan Cousins 4/10 - Anonymous
  8. SamB_SCFC

    SamB_SCFC FF Old Skool

    Jun 10, 2002
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    Stoke City
    Overly generous there I'd say. 6 for Gregory, 5 for Carter-Vickers and Hogan, 4s for Duffy, Smith, Ward and Lindsay and 3 for Cousins. 0 for Davies and Powell who so far have been a complete waste of a wage.

    Lindsay for me looks a very poor player and reminds me of Steven Tweed. He only scores as high as 4 because he's got a couple of goals and looks dangerous in the opposition box. Unfortunately for him and us he's more dangerous in his own box however.

    I hope some of the players improve under the hopefully competent management of O'Neill, I can't imagine the insanity of Jones helped them. I've been very unimpressed by most of them though I have to say and they seem to have managed to make our squad even worse than last season.
  9. Donnyrovers90

    Donnyrovers90 Registered User

    Feb 10, 2013
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    Doncaster/ Sporting
    I’d be surprised if Lindsay doesn’t improve under O’Neill. Looked brilliant every time I saw him last season
  10. SamB_SCFC

    SamB_SCFC FF Old Skool

    Jun 10, 2002
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    Stoke City
    I hope so. He's been clumsy, error prone and generally awful so far. But he has had a look of rabbit in the headlights sometimes from a mental point of view, like the enormity of our problems and the intense pressure of being at an unexpectedly struggling bigger club is weighing him down. He looks incredibly low on confidence and generally nervous and when players are scared of making mistakes they're more likely to make them.

    Hopefully O'Neill can get hold of him and bring out whatever he's shown in League One in the past. The gap between the Championship and League One surely isn't as big as he's made it look at times this season?
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  11. bomber

    bomber Registered User

    Jul 12, 2002
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    If Gregs could finish his dinner, he'd be playing Premiership football as the rest of his game is top drawer.
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  12. Madejski

    Madejski Registered User

    May 1, 2012
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    Joao Virginia (loan) - Too soon for him to be playing in the Championship. Will probably be sent back to Everton in January

    Michael Morrison - Very solid CB, fits well in our back 3, who looks to provide that additional goal threat we've been missing from defence

    Charlie Adam - Not sure why we brought him in, just made a few sub appearances

    Matt Miazga (loan) - As solid as he was last season. Need to be careful with his temper as opposition are starting to take note

    Lucas Boye (loan) - Glimpses of skill and toughness in his appearances, but difficult to see how he fits in as a regular starter with the number of players we have

    Rafael - Needed a solid keeper and we've got one. Was hopeful of slightly better passing being a Brazil international, but he's good all round and with Bowen playing out of the back is less important

    Lucas Joao - Probably looked best in his game against us, started well but fitness/injuries have limited playtime

    Pele (loan) - Not quite as good as his namesake, good rotation option as the defensive minded midfielder

    George Puscas - Hyped a little too much because of the price. Missed a few sitters but has the movement we've been lacking up front for years, and starting to form a partnership with Baldock. Can see him being very good next season once he's fully up to speed

    Ovie Ejaria - Consistently delivering what he briefly showed glimpses of last season. Made some midfielders/defenders look silly so far. Been a while since we had a player that you know will either push us to another level or make us a lot of money
  13. Jockney

    Jockney Bomber Jackett

    Aug 10, 2007
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    Alex Pearce - 2/10 - his experience helped us stay up last season, but it seems like age and the loan-to-permanent curse has struck again. Not in any danger of unsettling Hutchinson or Cooper in defence.

    Frank Fielding - n/a - injured 43 mins into the first game of the season!

    Matt Smith - 5/10 - Good option off the bench, doesn't offer enough from the start. I knew he wasn't the sort of player to play off the shoulder of the last defender, but I've been surprised at just how static he is. A bit like Darius Henderson without the talent.

    Connor Mahoney - 2/10 - Bright pre-season, good debut. Done bugger all since. Clearly has some ability, but all the presence of a dormouse. Hopefully Rowett can get him playing again.

    Jon Dadi Bodvarsson - 4/10 - Painfully average. Squad filler.

    Jayson Molumby - 7/10 - Good little player. Uses the ball wisely and has a knack of finding space in midfield. But he'll go back to Brighton either in Jan or the summer and then get loaned out to a team like Leeds, so fairly indifferent about his progress.

    Jason McCarthy - n/a - Hasn't had a look in yet.

    Bartosz Bialkowski - 9/10 - Fantastic. If he could kick a ball properly he'd be in the Premier League. Has to be one of the best shot-stoppers in the country.

    Luke Steele - n/a - Signed as cover for Fielding, so barely played.

    In short, then:

    Bart - Fantastic, but only on loan and no news on whether we'll be able to make it permanent.
    Molumby - Good, but not here for long.

    McCarthy and Mahoney - no impact, but young, some potential and most importantly ours.

    Everyone else (bar Fielding, who we need as a number 2) are deadwood and should go AFAIC.

    Crap transfer window, yeah.
  14. red_and_white

    red_and_white Registered User

    Sep 5, 2010
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    Copying and pasting from Transfer Market so hopefully this comes out right

    [​IMG] Bryan Mbeumo
    Right Winger
    19 [​IMG]

    Bryan from Troyes. Has taken him a while, but beginning to see his quality and contributions to goals and assists. Very highly rates in the French U21 set up and could be a bit of a gem if he keeps developing at the same rate 7/10

    [​IMG] Pontus Jansson
    28 [​IMG]

    Pontus. The surprise of the summer. Has steadied the defensive ship at Brentford and it's been a while since we had someone who knew when to play football and when to play percentages. A very positive addition 8/10

    [​IMG] Mathias Jensen
    Central Midfield
    23 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Celta de Vigo

    Jensen arrived just after Jansson in an attempt to confuse us. His first game against Birmingham he was excellent, easing our worries about the loss of Romaine Sawyers despite the 0-1 defeat. However, he's looked a little ineffectual in games since and lost his place in the team. I think for him it will come - he has pedigree and an eye for a ball. My prediction is that he will have a better second half of the season 6/10

    [​IMG] Christian Nörgaard
    Defensive Midfield
    25 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Fiorentina
    Serie A

    Christian Norgaard is another player who has taken a bit of time to settle. He has one of the highest interceptions in the league and is growing into his postition. Many believe he is a big contributor to our defensive solidity. I think he's an excellent addition and a player and will be really important for us. 7/10

    [​IMG] David Raya
    23 [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Blackburn

    A good goalkeeper who like to play from the back. A little too much sometimes but i'm sure that's by direction. Shot stopping is excellent and he seems to really enjoy playing. Jury is out on whether he is an upgrade on Bentley, but i am happy with him and at 23 he has the potential to be one of the best in the division 7/10

    Ethan Pinnock
    Barnsley FC

    We haven't really seen enough of Ethan to give an opinion. A couple of starts when we were playing 5 at the back, and some substitute cameos when we were leading. Looks a capable player but has barely featured 5/10

    [​IMG] Halil Dervisoglu
    20 [​IMG]
    Sparta R.

    Signed him in the summer but he will arrive in January. Started the season well in holland. N/A

    [​IMG] Joel Valencia
    Attacking Midfield
    24 [​IMG]
    Piast Gliwice

    Valencia is a player with real pace and recently has good impact. Not started enough games to critique fully and is now injured for a few months. 6/10

    [​IMG] Nikolaos Karelis
    27 [​IMG]

    This looked shrewd after missing out on our transfer targets in the summer. Karelis arrived on a free. and with pedigree. Looked very good on his first start but horrendous luck with cruciate ligament injury before half time. It was a year deal and i don't think he'll play for the club again.

    We also have Dominic Thompson from Arsenal and Dru Yearwood from Southend who haven't played much and hard to judge:

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