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Rob Page sacked

Discussion in 'EFL One, Two and Non-League' started by Warton2009, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Warton2009

    Warton2009 Div 2 Champions 2016

    Aug 6, 2011
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    Northampton Town, Barcelona ( I lived in Spain 8 years)
    Happy New year..........for me it is up there with Gary Johnson as one of our all time failures.
    His press conference after Saturday alone should have been enough to get him sacked but he was clueless, lost the dressing room 2 months ago by being a tool.

  2. Faustus

    Faustus Make Faustus Bacchus Again!

    Sep 9, 2012
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    On the wrong side of historyâ„¢
    Shit, I wanted him to cling on another two weeks.
  3. Trev_GFC

    Trev_GFC On Tour

    Oct 7, 2002
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    Gillingham FC
    Good luck to Justin Edinburgh. A change of scenery could help him. It went sour with us after getting a limited squad to the top of this league before being found out for playing 4-4-2 with wingbacks and 4 central midfielders. After that, we didn't have any plan b until too late when we went for drawing every game.

    Come this season and Jed continued his summer transfer activity by signing a large amount of central midfielders who all play alike, as well as players struggling for fitness and injuries. Fitness and injuries became a huge concern from the summer (a ridiculously little amount of pre-season friendlies along with never replacing the outgoing fitness coach) and devastated our team. Granted, some injuries were freak or impact injuries. But even coming back from injuries players were 70% fit for weeks and weeks. Please get in a fitness coach!

    After a calendar year with a win percent in the 20% area and another FA Cup loss on TV to Brackley, fans were vocal in wanting Jed out but Scally held fire. A good November and December moving from the usual 4-4-2 (Konchesky and an injury-prone RB as wingbacks!) to a more attacking 4-3-3 after the arrival of Nouble and Jed had earnt a reprieve.

    We were playing good passing football in midfield but failing to create any chances. When even the good passing football went missing vs Oxford the other week the fans were back out wanting Jed out. It took a final press conference from Jed peddling the "I'm over-achieving at little Gillingham" despite the high-profile signings, before Scally finally pulled the trigger.

    Jed needs to work on fitness and a plan b, with maybe a different team, and hopefully he'll come good.

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