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The uefa champions league was best with just 8 teams!

Discussion in 'Uefa Champions League & Europa League' started by Stuarty, Nov 17, 2017.


The UEFA Champions League [group stage] was /is best when it just had 8 teams in it?

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  1. Empress Touch

    Empress Touch Registered User

    Mar 30, 2021
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    St. Helens, Merseyside, UK
    Despite the fact that 2-from-4 to qualify from a 6-fixture pool
    with the safety-net of 3rd place for a Europa League Winter
    is way-too-generous, leading to Champions' League Autumns almost being meaningless for way-too-many,
    the complete ditching of the group phase is not necessarily the answer.

    However, UEFA must do much better than the rumoured expansion of the "Champions" League proposed this week.

    Only the winners of six groups, all 5-party pools, qualifying automatically
    each participant facing two teams at home, and the other two away,

    then with the four best 2nd-placed teams
    (2nd-best teams #1 & #2)
    at home in one-legged play-off fixtures to 2nd-best clubs #3 & #4;
    the two winners of these play-off fixtures completing the March Champions' League Quarter-finals line-up.

    Those two play-off losers
    then join 2nd-best pool finishers #5 & #6 through the UEFA Europa League trapdoor safety-net.

    And to avoid dead-rubbers,
    3rd-placed clubs a trapdoor safety-net into the UEFA Europa Conference.

    Both 4th AND 5th-placed pool clubs are eliminated there and then.

    The benefits of this format:

    Only allowing state nation League Champions
    would restore the 'challenge' of 'winning' the tournament, over it's regular participation.

    It also makes the glory of winning national league titles more significant itself.

    4-or-5 fixtures for teams' top-class player athletes to face in the Autumn, NOT 6,
    plus only 5 maximum fixtures in the Spring.

    Fewer fixtures will mean coverage for all three tournaments can be spread more practically
    in the interests of marketing European club football to all.

    More scope for TV contracts to be less-monopolised, but more with the media's genuine interests
    as well as sports fans at the forefront.

    Opportunities are there for the taking.
    If the quick-fix, short-term complex can be filtered out of the sporting bodies of all sports
    (in favour of taking an ever-globally expanding industry forward at all levels, singing from one single hymn sheet).

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