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Unrest with Aidy?

Discussion in 'Watford' started by Super_horns, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Super_horns

    Super_horns WATFORD Till I Die
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    Sep 28, 2002
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    Appears to me a few fans just generally are getting a little restless and tired of the man who was a 'hero' last season for some of the decisions made on and off the pitch this season (remember only AB's 2nd season as a manager).

    Now ofcourse there will always be worries and negative comments made against any manager but is it fair to put pressure on him now when the board probably back Boothroyd very highly but maybe did not back him enough in the summer (if its true)

    Heard about the 2 coaches going for whatever reason which may have unsettled the club/players.

    Personally I will back Aidy to bring in good players this summer and help us fight for promotion next season in the Championship and will always remember him fondly for the season 2005/06.

    Lets get this season over with before worrying about how badly/well we will do next season but I do think the squad needs improving and do think Aidy will change the way we play?
  2. etg~WFC

    etg~WFC Pozzotive

    Oct 17, 2006
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    Watford FC
    I think as Aidy got us up last season, against the odds, his position should be concrete this season. Of course when a team is performing badly the manager is under pressure, but in the premiership a small squad like Watford, without it's lead striker will struggle.

    I like Aidy, and the way the club, players and manager act is part of enjoying supporting Watford. I hope to see him manage us for half of next season, then we can look at results.

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