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When is hand ball hand ball?

Discussion in 'General British Football' started by buzzbee, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. buzzbee

    buzzbee Registered User

    Oct 12, 2013
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    Football laws change! In fact, they change pretty regularly these days. Those of a certain age will agree that the laws have changed a lot over the years

    After something I saw in the Man U vs Wolves game last night, I'm wondering about a possible change that I wasn't aware of

    When I was a little girl, off side happened at the point the ball was passed. There's no question that off side still depends on the position of the offending player at the time of the pass, but does the offense actually happen at the time of the pass or when the offending player receives the ball?

    The reason I ask...

    In the 69th minute at old Trafford, United had a goal disallowed for off side. A corner comes in and Bailly heads towards goal where Cavani turns the ball in

    From replays, Cavani is comfortably off side, but replays also show that on the way to Cavani, the ball brushes against the hand of Coady.

    The goal was disallowed straight away for off side and it was pretty clear, but VAR then took some time, looking at the hand ball from several different angles, before deciding it was not a penalty

    Surely, it's irrelevant! If off side happens when the pass is made (the header from Bailly in this case), then this had already happened, so any subsequent hand ball should surely not matter as the play is already dead?

    Does anyone know why they were still considering a penalty, after the off side?

    BTW... "because it is Man U at Old Trafford" is NOT a valid answer :laugh:
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  2. Empress Touch

    Empress Touch Registered User

    Mar 30, 2021
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    St. Helens, Merseyside, UK
    Sometimes we all need to remind ourselves
    that football was invented by human beings sharing a passion for team achievement -
    not as an entity to material superpower.

    If people are not allowed to make mistakes,
    expect the game to not only be officiated by robots,
    but played by robots too.

    As regards reviewing VAR decision-making integrity,
    history of all sports says officials will suspect that teams with greater collective performances
    will be believed to 'do better' than perceived 'lesser teams'.

    And as regards the increase in penalty-sanctions;
    regrettably, the global game has been way too soft on many offenses for way too long.

    These strange scenarios are rooted in crimes committed decades, if not centuries ago.

    But I guess the power of the word 'hindsight' isn't taught in history lessons...
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