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New Profile Posts

  1. Magic McLean
  2. ByTheRiver
    Never expecting ... Always Believing...COYW
  3. shadowsanddust
  4. shadowsanddust
    Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk - Feb 17th in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Jonny Ninja
    Jonny Ninja
    Unbalanced, like elephants and ants on see-saws
  6. miss_lfc
    Last round of sheep is up ;)
  7. shadowsanddust
    Feb 17th - 2024 Undisputed.
  8. shadowsanddust
  9. Redpelt
    Save Our Caramac
  10. ǝpısdılɟ
    ǝpısdılɟ TLC
    Hi TLC, just wondered why my thread was deleted in General . Hope I haven’t broke any rules .
  11. cumberland SHD
    cumberland SHD
    Senile auld git
  12. Super_horns
    Super_horns celtic shield147

    Hope all is well - notice you have not been on for a month or so.
  13. scunnymadandy
  14. scunnymadandy
  15. Spaceman Spiff
    Spaceman Spiff
    Mod from ShrimperZone.com
    1. Garrincha
      What mod?
      Sep 19, 2023
    2. Spaceman Spiff
      Spaceman Spiff
      Sep 19, 2023
  16. shadowsanddust
  17. Peter Owens
    Peter Owens
  18. Sandsy
  19. UpTheFleet
    UpTheFleet TAFKAP
    New on here look forward to other supporters views, I’m quietly confident of a top half finish for Ebbsfleet this coming season.
  20. DonnyOsmond