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Discussion in 'Football Forum Awards' started by canary10, Jan 1, 2011.

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  1. canary10

    canary10 Registered User

    Sep 16, 2005
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    Norwich City
    After 12 long months of fighting it out here's what we've all been playing for; the results.

    Talking points, it was an absolute mauling in Overseas user of the year, Germany's Zippy wins it by 18, Stret takes the Asset to FF for work done by 28 votes. Someone seems to be forgetting that Southampton are actually in League 1 with Cristig recieving a vote for best Championship user. OffertonHatter also managed a vote in that catogery! tottivillarossi manages 3awards, Speakers is the best signature makers once again, Flood This is the best forum and Tottenham have the joint best fans on here with Swindon, although 50% of their votes came from their own supporters.....

    Oh and also if your curious, the reason the 2nd half of the votes don't include the no votes is because I forgot to make a note of them! There were loads of no votes for the FL catogories. You can thank WhoIzzet for the top half.

    Best Newcomer

    1 vote - aayush, albionfagan, CynicalSid, FloggingMolly, Gal_P, Gavtasvo Poyet,
    Northam_Saint, Phil AFCB, Red&WhitePlanet, Rich, Rich Le John, When In Rome

    Third- Kiz, Oldham fan dan, salopianite, Speakers (all 3 votes)

    Runner up - Lightning7 (5 votes)

    Joint Winners- The Ringleader!, toonlass94 (7 votes)

    23 no votes

    Best Sig Maker

    1 vote - Benzel, CobblerJay, Crespo, DigitalTwisted, DonnyBob, No-One-Likes-Us,
    Oldham Blue, piratescotty, Skippy

    Third - Mick, Phil TUFC (3 votes)

    Runner up- Chefuberjuice, SUB-Z3R0 (4 votes)

    Winner - Speakers (28 votes)

    11 no votes

    Award for Criminal Spelling and Grammar

    1 vote - C@rl, d_lock09, Guyett, jasethevillain, luke80, Mattledud,
    ross luton town, scouse eddy, ShelfsideYido89, Taffy, TonyBhoyCFC, Young Robin,

    2 votes - Lisbon 67, Speakers, superyids

    Third- condemned red, warnocksminder (3 votes)

    Runner up - toonlass94 (10 votes)

    Winner - fringey (13 votes)

    14 no votes

    Most likely to be a Virgin

    1 vote - Aeroswfc, BCFC~McPeake, Crespo, C-T-F-C Warlord, Dan Phillips,
    Digital Twisted, DonDon Valiant, Fent, KeepOnHooping, Learning, luke80,
    merseyboyred, Steowlsfan, StretfordEnd, tottivillarossi, Tshabalala, Valdinho,
    Young Robin

    2 votes - fringey, Matthew Le God, Phoenix Dibroem, Red&WhiteEnsign, superyids,
    toonlass94, ZooCorner

    Third - DG (5 votes)

    Runner up - C@rl (9 votes)

    Winner - jasethevillain (13 votes)

    3 no votes

    In Need of a Good Lay

    1 vote - BCFC~McPeake, Clockend Gooner, C-T-F-C Warlord, Dan Phillips, DG,
    JH1980, Mattledud, NZ Eagle, Phoenix Dibroem, pvm66, SuperShrews, superyids,
    TonyBhoyCFC, tottivillarossi, Tshabalala, Valdinho, Young Robin

    2 votes - crstig, Digital Twisted, Eric Cartman, King_Kenny, Steowlsfan,

    4 votes - ZooCorner

    Third - Red&WhiteEnsign (6 votes)

    Runner up - jasethevillain (8 votes)

    Winner - C@rl (11 votes)

    4 no votes

    Numpty of the Year

    1 vote - aaron1867, aayush, Benzel, CelticBhoy, CobblerJay, condemned red,
    crstig, D-Ballin, DonDon Valiant, Gal P, jasethevillain, Learning, Ollie*CUFC,
    Quirkafleeg, Rich_Le_John, Riggy, ross luton town, saint clark, scouse eddy,
    The Serbinator, warnocksminder, Zippy

    2 votes - Clockend Gooner, KeepOnHooping, Lisbon 67, Mattledud, misrablegit,
    Phoenix Dibroem, Red&WhiteEnsign, superyids, ZooCorner

    Third - toonlass94 (4 votes)

    Runner up- Dan Phillips (5 votes)

    Winner - fringey (8 votes)

    5 no votes

    Deluded User of the Year

    1 vote - aaron1867, Clockend Gooner, Cruel Jake, d_lock09, DonDonValiant,
    DonnyBob, Dr Trundle, Jonny27, JoseTheGod, KeepOnHooping, Mattledud,
    misrablegit, Never-Blue, NiftyAtFifty, RD4L, Rich_Le_John, SerbianIron,
    ShelfsideYido89, toonlass94, TooOldToPogo, Young Robin, Zippy, ZooCorner

    2 votes - fringey, jasethevillain, King_Kenny, Lisbon 67

    Third- crstig, Dan Phillips (3 votes)

    Runner up - Matthew Le God (4 votes)

    Joint Winners - superyids, The Serbinator (8 votes)

    5 no votes

    User Most Likely to be Someone Else

    1 vote - 51andCounting, aaron1867, Aeroswfc, Benzel, Bic, C@rl, CelticBhoy,
    CobblerJay, Corwin, DonDonValiant, Floyd Rix, fringey, King_Kenny, Lisbon 67,
    Marcel Desailly, misrablegit, Red&WhiteEnsign, Rich, Rich_Le_John, Steowlsfan,
    StretfordEnd, The Ringleader!, Uddersfield, WhoIzzet, Young Robin, ZooCorner

    Third - jasethevillain (2 votes)

    Runner up - Irish Red (3 votes)

    Winner - toonlass94 (16 votes)

    15 no votes

    Best Forum

    1 vote - History and Literature, Tottenham, TV/Film

    2 votes - Current Affairs, League Two, Premier League, Rep. Ireland, Scottish

    3 votes - Gaming, League One

    Third - Championship (4 votes)

    Runner up - General Off Topic (11 votes)

    Winner - Flood This (23 votes)

    5 no votes

    Best Thread

    1 vote - Aldershot vs Gillingham, Formula One - **** Yeah,
    fringey, toonlass, C@rl..., How often do you poo, Insomnia Core MKII,
    More lies and lies from Ferguson Re: Rooney Injury, Riggy's Race War,
    Shelfside's Party Thread, The Joke Thread, Tottenham Champions League,
    Was Hitler alive after WW2

    2 votes - Afraid to move in my own house, Hot Babes Thread,
    Random Pictures with you in them, The Ashes, The Upin Arms

    3 votes - omg... stunned!

    Third- tottivillarossi's awesome thread of stuff stolen from the internet (4 votes)

    Runner up - The 'I don't have a girlfriend' collective (6 votes)

    Winner - Stupid Things People Say (16 votes)

    12 no votes

    Best Fans

    [Number in brackets is how many votes came from fans of their own team]

    1 vote - Accrington, Blackpool, Brighton, Carlisle [1], Chelsea [1], Hearts [1],
    Huddersfield, Hull City, Liverpool, Millwall, Newcastle, Plymouth, Rangers [1],
    Sligo Rovers, Southampton [1], Stirling, Sunderland, West Brom [1], Wolves

    Third - Bournemouth, Leeds, Northampton (2 votes)

    Runner up- Arsenal, Bolton, Man United [2], Portsmouth (3 votes)

    Joint Winners - Tottenham [3], Swindon [1] (6 votes)

    13 no votes

    Worst Fans

    1 vote - Brentford, Plymouth, Rangers, West Ham, Wolves

    2 votes - Arsenal, Birmingham, Brighton, Celtic, Shamrock, Tottenham, Swindon

    3 votes - Chelsea

    5 votes - Southampton

    Third - Port Vale (6 votes)

    Runner up - Man United (9 votes)

    Winner - Liverpool (13 votes)

    7 no votes

    Laziest Mod

    1 vote - Crespo, FF Awards, GMBee, ITFC Jez, StretfordEnd, TAFKAP, Tas,
    Trifon Ivanov, WhoIzzet

    2 votes - DShamen, gers_fan1, TLC

    Third - DV85 (3 votes)

    Runner up - Monty (5 votes)

    Winner - Red&WhiteEnsign (19 votes)

    20 no votes

    Best Mod

    1 vote - Cescy Football, DV85, FF Awards, Mad_Hatter, Monty, paul_vale, Speakers

    2 votes - Crespo, DShamen, Mick, Quirkafleeg, Turkey

    5 votes - ITFC Jez

    Third - TLC (6 votes)

    Runner up - StretfordEnd (9 votes)

    Winner - WhoIzzet (13 votes)

    12 no votes

    Funniest User

    1 vote - AdzSAFC, baggy, Chefuberjuice, crstig, DaggerGoat, DG, Digital Twisted,
    Gatti, Gland, Jonny27, piratescotty, pvm66, Redman, RoyalMike, Scotty Walds,
    Speakers, Taffy, The Ringleader!, toonlass94, Uddersfield, Yabba

    2 votes - Mattledud, Ollie*CUFC, Red&WhitePlanet, ShelfsideYido89, superyids

    Third- C@rl, Quirkafleeg (3 votes)

    Runner up - ZooCorner (5 votes)

    Winner - tottivillarossi (10 votes)

    10 no votes

    Most Likeable

    1 vote - AdzSAFC, asfc, Ben AFCB, Benzel, Canary Fairy, CobblerJay,
    Deadly Demon, Dennis, Dutch Don, Eric Cartman, Goldendixie, jasethevillain,
    Mattledud, Ollie*CUFC, Pazz AFCB, Red&WhitePlanet, Rich_Le_John, skorn,
    StretfordEnd, WhoIzzet, Woody, Zippy

    2 votes - Akny Gooner, Cescy Football, JH1980, Rich

    3 votes - ShelfsideYido89, tottivillarossi

    Third - Speakers (6 votes)

    Runner up - Kiz (7 votes)

    Winner- Taffy (8 votes)

    5 no votes

    FF Member You'd Most Like to Meet in Real Life:

    1 vote - Taffy, Rich Le John, JaseTheVillian, Matthew Le God, TLC, tottivillarossi, Ross luton town, OptimusPrime, Riccardo Piccio, JH180, DundeeUnited, Faheytastic, BarnsleytilIdie, Valdinho, StretfordEnd, asfc, ZooCorner, TooOldtoPogo, CobblerJay, Canary_Fairy, powerage, Cescy Football, Zippy, Cristig

    2 votes - toonlass94, SpursLegend, Superyids, 'Uddersfield

    Third - Speakers, c@rl (3 votes)

    Runner up - ShelfsideYido89 (4 votes)

    Winner - Kiz (5 votes)

    Overseas User of the Year:

    1 vote - Tshabalala, Slavia, Dutch Don, Lightning7, Peter40, Jonny27, Mick Nolan

    2 votes - Riccardo Piccio, JasetheVillain, Red&WhiteEnsign

    Third - SUB-Z3R0, Skippy (3 votes)

    Runner up- The Fuzz (6 votes)

    Winner - Zippy (24 votes)

    Most Knowledgeable About Football:

    1 vote - King Kenny, Scotty Walds, Zippy, Posh Josh, Poacher, DundeeUnited, SUB-Z3RO, Chelt Si, Quirkafleeg, blackheathbaggie, Cartman, Martinho

    2 votes - Skorn

    Third- Monty (3 votes)

    Runner up - ritchie_50 (8 votes)

    Joint Winners- Stretford End, RiccardoPiccio (11 votes)

    Off Topic User of the Year:

    1 vote - Chefuberjuice, CescyFootball, Skippy, NeverAlone, CobblerJay, toonlass, KingKenny, ZooCorner, AdzSAFC, pvm, Rich_le_John, Rich AVFC, TVR Steowlsfan, Cartman, Ollie CUFC, Crstig, Mattledud, Rich, StretfordEnd, Riggy, Fent

    Third - zippy, Taffy, JaseTheVillain, RoyalMike, C@rl (2 votes)

    Runner up - Speakers (3 votes)

    Winner - tottivillarossi (12 votes)

    Premier League User of the Year:

    1 vote - RichAVFC, Bleak, Seaside_Mafia, Gal_P, superyids, The Serbinator, tottivillarossi, AdzSafc, SpursLegend, StretfordEnd, DavidWag, blackheathbaggie

    2 votes - ShelfsideYido, Deadly Demon, King Kenny, C@rl

    Third - Akny Gooner, SuperYids (3 votes)

    Runner up - Quirkafleeg, StretfordEnd (5 votes)

    Winner - ritchie_50 (7 votes)

    Championship User of the Year:

    Third - Sacko, albionfagan, cristig, ZooCorner, OffertonHatter, BCFC_Chris, Luke_Ciderhead, Quirkafleeg, Jockney, WhoIzzet, ccfctommy, ITFC Jez, Martinho (all 1 vote)

    Runner up - Redman, Speakers, Super Horns (2 votes)

    Joint Winners - RoyalMike, One_John_Ryan, mightyleeds (3 votes)

    League One User of the Year:

    Third - SaddlerMatt, Luke_Ciderhead, canary10, PazzAFCB, Aeroswfc, Fent (all 1 vote)

    Runner up - Matthew Le God, Crstig, ZooCorner, Freathy, Benzel (2 votes)

    Joint Winners - Turkey, 'Uddersfield (4 votes)

    League Two User of the Year:

    1 vote - Dan Phillips, salopianite, OffertonHatter, paul vale, Warlord

    Third- SalopTilIDie, Yabba (3 votes)

    Runner up - Cartman (5 votes)

    Winner- CobblerJay (7 votes)

    Non-League User of the Year

    Third - Taffy, Rogue, nesmap (1 vote)

    Runner up - Grimsby Loyal, Ross Luton Town, Mad_Hatter, HantsPilgrim (3 votes)

    Winner- Scotty Walds (4 votes)

    Scottish User of the Year:

    1 vote - miserablegit, No1Platoon, SJFC Craig, Caesar, deir, LisbonLion

    2 votes - DonDee, Monty

    3 votes - Dundee_United

    Third - TonyBhoyCfc, gers_fan (5 votes)

    Runner up - DG (6 votes)

    Winner - DigitalTwisted (8 votes)

    Irish User of the Year:

    1 vote - Red_Marauder, glenso, Red1, Mackers, TLC, Ben AFCB

    2 votes - NavanDrog

    4 votes - Slavia

    Third - Goldendixie (5 votes)

    Runner up - Mick (7 votes)

    Winner - Irish White (9 votes)

    Asset to FF for Work Done:

    1 vote - Speakers, tottivillarossi, JosetheGod, James_F, Steowlsfan, Red&WhiteEnsign, ZooCorner, Deliah

    2 votes - C@rl

    Third - WhoIzzet (3 votes)

    Runner up - TLC (4 votes)

    Winner - StretfordEnd (32 votes)

    FF User of 2010:

    1 vote - Benzel, Slavia, RiccardoPiccio, glenso, Steowlsfan, Red&WhitePlanet, Jasethevillian, ritchie_50, Caesar, TooOldToPogo, WhoIzzet, Superyids, RMP, Irish White, 'Uddersfield, Ollie CUFC, toonlass94, Benthelegend

    2 votes - Cartman, StretfordEnd, ShelfsideYido, ZooCorner, Zippy, Speakers

    Third- C@rl (4 votes)

    Runner up - Taffy (5 votes)

    Winner - tottivillarossi (6 votes) :Worship:

    Well played to all those that were winners and thanks for the all the votes:thumb
    #1 canary10, Jan 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2011
  2. DonnyOsmond

    DonnyOsmond I. R. BABOON

    Jan 1, 2008
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    Doncaster Rovers
    How is GW lazy? :confused He closes everything.
  3. ZooCorner

    ZooCorner Guest

    TVR - You are awesome.
  4. It was inevitible that I'd win user most likely to be a virgin! :laugh:
  5. BleedsIsDead

    BleedsIsDead They Love You When You're Dead

    Apr 26, 2010
    Likes Received:
    BHAFC & Worthing FC
    Best newcomer (along with Toonlass)
    One vote on the funniest user and Brighton got one vote for the best fans.

    I'm happy with that :D

    Well done TVR, well deserved.

    Edit: Just spotted the fact Brighton were voted worst fans twice. Ahh :(
    #5 BleedsIsDead, Jan 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2011
  6. C@rl

    C@rl Bi-Winning

    Aug 20, 2005
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    Manchester United
    Well done TVR!
  7. SpursLegend

    SpursLegend Formarly known as Lockie

    Nov 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Spurs - COYS!
    Two votes for most want to meet in real life, and one for Premier League user of the year. Thanks to whoever those votes were from :thumb
  8. SUB-Z3R0

    SUB-Z3R0 NomNomNom

    Nov 7, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Chelsea, Spartak Moskva
    Joint 2nd for 'sig maker' with Chef and Joint 3rd 'Overseas user' with Skippy.. Oh well
  9. Speakers

    Speakers Registered User

    Jan 6, 2009
    Likes Received:
    I got a vote in the 'best mod' section despite not even being a mod, happy days.

    C@rl :laugh:

    Happy with 2nd in Off Topic User :thumb

    We able to put requests in to find out who voted for ourselves?
  10. toonlass94

    toonlass94 New Member

    Aug 2, 2010
    Likes Received:
    happy winning best newcomer!
  11. Taffy

    Taffy C'mon you reds.

    Sep 8, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Got the hatrick.Thank you to all,cheques in the post.
  12. Chapel_Saint

    Chapel_Saint Registered Slut

    Aug 18, 2010
    Likes Received:
    WOO one vote for best newcomer :)
  13. Rich

    Rich Dece.

    May 24, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Aston Villa
    Well done TVR! :clap:
    Stupid Things People Say :clap:

    For me...
    1 vote for Best Newcomer, User Most Likely To Be Someone Else (?) and Premier League User of the Year (assuming RichAVFC is me)
    2 votes for Most Likeable and Off Topic User of the Year (assuming Rich AVFC is me, that would give me 2) - and TVR should be on 13 votes for that.

    Thanks to whoever voted for those.
  14. SpursLegend

    SpursLegend Formarly known as Lockie

    Nov 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Spurs - COYS!
    FF awards got a vote for best mod :laugh:

    Someone has a sense of humour.
  15. BleedsIsDead

    BleedsIsDead They Love You When You're Dead

    Apr 26, 2010
    Likes Received:
    BHAFC & Worthing FC
  16. ShelfsideYido89

    ShelfsideYido89 Oh when the Spurrrsss....

    Jun 5, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Super Tottenham from the lane.
    :laugh: some of them are classic. Whoever gave me those votes for user youd most like to meet you have my gratitude. Kiz you better ****ing prove your worth this accolade, ill be highlighting any moments where you display a streak of character that would put people off wanting to meet you in real life.
  17. Steowlsfan

    Steowlsfan Happy Clapper

    Feb 16, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Sheffield Wednesday
    1 vote as user most likely to be a virgin. 2 votes for user in need of a good lay. 1 vote for user mpst likely to be someone else. 1 vote for off topic user. 1 vote as asset for work done. And 1 vote for user of the year. :Banana:
    #17 Steowlsfan, Jan 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2011
  18. Posh Josh

    Posh Josh #pufc

    Feb 24, 2008
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    Peterborough United
    Just the 1 vote then, for most Knowledgeable about Football! :O Thanks whoever voted. :laugh:

    Congratulations everyone.
    #18 Posh Josh, Jan 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2011
  19. ShelfsideYido89

    ShelfsideYido89 Oh when the Spurrrsss....

    Jun 5, 2009
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    Super Tottenham from the lane.
    well there wasnt an award for the sad lonely tosser of the year and he had to win something.
  20. C@rl

    C@rl Bi-Winning

    Aug 20, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Manchester United
    Can I just thank Jase for beating me to a certain award. :laugh:

    Oh and Taffy 2nd in user of the year?

    Really? :no:
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