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    1. Wolves n Proud
      Wolves n Proud
      Also for some clubs, their away support may be the ones accused of standing, so the local authorities apply other sanctions such as reducing the capacity of the allocation of tickets for instance 2500 tickets been reduced to 1500 tickets.

      As a result of the Hillsboro disaster standing in the eyes of the authorities has become taboo however it's an intrinsic part of the game which is why it occurs and there is this conflict of interst.

      Once again I'm really sorry about the late reply, if you would like to ask any further questions or need any further assistance I'd be happy to help.

      Michael :)
    2. Wolves n Proud
      Wolves n Proud
      Hi im very sorry about the late reply I didn't receieve it until earlier. I wasn't alerted to a new message.

      Anyway, as modern stadia are going to provide large gatherings of people they need to fulfil certain criteria in order to receieve a safety certificate, this criteria includes things such as adequate fire fighting equipment, a well known evacuation procedure, fire exits aren't obstructed, and the stadia is structually safe - Without this certificate the event can't take place, or it can however it won't have any spectators present.

      It is a combination of the local authorities and police force to issue these safety certificates, they are issued before every game - as a result of standing, several police forces have threatened to withdraw these certificates in problematic areas of the stadium where standing is persistent in order to eradicate it. As is the case at my club.
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