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Feb 24, 2006
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July 17

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Wolves Ay We.

Champions of Europa.......... May 5, 2020

    1. Ching
    2. CaptainBlade
      You can tell me to fook off so I guess I can do the same to others?
    3. Trent Mist
      Trent Mist
      Cheers Quirk... Contacted Stret
    4. Trent Mist
      Trent Mist
      Hi Quirk, Tried again to upload an image for my sig but still not letting me whereas I was able to last week. In my 'Permissions' box it still states "Can Upload Images for Signature - NO"...any help would be appreciated, Cheers
    5. Trent Mist
      Trent Mist
      Quirk, any reason why I have lost permission to upload an image for my signature? Cheers
    6. Trent_End_Liam
      Does TerryMalloy always send you messages expressing his emotional state?
    7. TerryMalloy
      Just getting tired of the playground banter.. Wanted to discuss the beautiful game on here .. my mistake.
    8. CaptainBlade
      All my threads keep going because of Redman.
      I start an innocent post, which gets a good conversation going, and then he comes in, causes problems and then my thread gets closed.
      How come we suffer because of something he's done?
      Please shed some light on this as i dont understand

      Best regards, CaptainBlade
    9. petesline9
      Hi can anybody tell me the name of the enamel football badges
      That the pundits for MOTD + f/ball league shows wear !
    10. THE DADDY
      Good evening quirk
      I have noticed that numerous harmless posts of mine have been deleted for some reason,even a basic post on the highest scores thread has gone.

      Can you shed any light on this as obviously these posts are actually as normal as can be.

      Regards the daddy
    11. TerryMalloy

      what are my bondaries in this place mate? Can I tell someone to fook off ? Just wondering what the squeeze is?


    12. Herr Flick
      Herr Flick
      thanks also for pushing the main page matchday thread, much appreciated! many fond memories of my run ins with the yam yam boys! cheers
    13. Herr Flick
      Herr Flick
      hi mate,what i meant was just a fairer playing field (time wise) for todays games thats all.

      anyway you will have to excuse my lack of computer knowledge,is it possible you could move the west ham v swansea thread from west hams forum to the main match threads please,would appreciate it, thanks a lot
    14. Herr Flick
      Herr Flick
      hi mate,thanks for putting this up, one little query is can it start on monday,as to take figures from a match thread that was only put up this evening,then surely that does not give other fans time to chat about the game as it is tommorow at 12.45, and the rest 3pm onwards, this short time will not give an accurate story,so if poss tommorows games should be void and you can start collating from monday onwards? i dont think it's an un reasonable request! thanks
    15. TerryMalloy

      Ofcourse not in answer to your question.

      But. I was abused on that thread .. a DCFC thread I might add ( endangered species lol ) and I only responded in kind.

      Regards Terry

      ( and apologies)
    16. TerryMalloy

      Hope all well with you.

      Just wondering which 'mod' is deleting my threads on the 'championship' forum with zero explanation.

      If it carries on I may get offended.

      Regards Tel
    17. TerryMalloy
      Hey Quirk,

      First off, welcome back lol

      Second, hope things are ok with you and all the best ..

      Thirdoff .. What happened to my 'pissed up ' thread 'Top teams in the championship' ? Di it just get wiped ?! lol

      Regards Tel xx
    18. Leafs1201
      Hi, Monty has passed me onto you as I asked him why my thread lets write a story had been removed from the words section, thanks in advance for a speedy reply....
    19. lzmunky
      Hey mate, Im a new member and just want to join the fantasy premier league, any chance of the code?
    20. Dingle
      Answer him then you ignorant c*ck...
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