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York Citys Survival plea

Discussion in 'Fulham' started by savecity, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. savecity

    savecity Registered User

    Mar 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Right the situation as present is this. We have until Monday to raise the £200,000 that we need. At this moment in time we are at just over £100,000. We still need pledges and donations and if we do not raise all this money by Monday then the game against Bournemouth will be our last. I may be right in saying that we could do with £150,000 and pay the rest laster, but not quite sure.

    SO please if you have not donated already please do, if you have already donated get your friends, family workmates to make a donation so that they can help to keep a gr8 club alive.

    Also what else can you do? Well I know it does not raise alot of money but go to Supporters Trust Shop page on the website http://www.ycst.org.uk/shop.htmhttp://www.ycst.org.uk/shop.htm and click on all the add banners. This will help to raise 70pence for the club for all the 6 clicked on. I know its not a lot but it is 70 pence less that we do not have to raise. Finally you can visit the rivals.net site

    The person who runs this site is giving all money that he makes to the Trust. He gets so much money for every time the site is visited, so if we can visit it alot then he can raise alot for the trust. Also you can do sponsored events to help raise money, or even ask your team to do a bucket collection for us. The likes of Leicester, Middlesborough, Leeds and last but the greatest thanks Sunderland. They have been marvelous to us, some of their fans came down against Cambridge, rattling buckets and collected an extra £800 for us and they held a collection at Sunderland and raised us another £2,500 - £3000.

    So please help if you can.

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