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Aug 25, 2008
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Oct 25, 1990 (Age: 33)

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Registered User, Male, 33

    1. Jampe
      Top club Chelsea bro
    2. topgunner
      great thanks for letting me know dan. people have a go at me on here but its good to know theres some open minded people out there who find what i have to say interesting. at the end of the day i dont slag anybody off i just come on here to talk aoubt my interests and some people cant handle that. i know some of my views are a little out there but theres nothing i can do about that im just speaking my mind im not trying to offend anybody. i suppose theres no prize or is there? doesnt matter i dont need a prize. if there is one i can give you my paypal info and maybe you could pass it on to the whoevers in charge
    3. topgunner
      hello mate 1st just *** her take anything you can get then go again a 2nd time but this time ask if you can do water sports and solids,. even if she says no just start mucking in the bed and dont stop til you bruised the linen or she throws you out. honestly it sounds gross but i guarantee she will stop pestering you. or tell her you piss the bed all the time and if she still wants to sleep with u then stop at hers and make sure you piss the bed. completely soak it

      if you sdont want to shit or piss then u can still do gross shit like spit on her or whatever. another way is tell her she has to lose weight before you will *** her. if none of that works just ignore her msgs and hope she stops. i tried the last one but she worked at the same place as me
    4. RM
      Where did you get Max Payne 3 for £5? ty x
    5. Joga bonito
      Joga bonito
      The Selection Draft (1994 - 2014)

      Hi mate, the next draft game will probably be starting tomorrow. As we're still looking for 2-3 players (max) there may be space for you.

    6. Guyett
      clear your inbox
    7. Furby
      Don't forget the tournament tonight bro x
    8. DonnyOsmond
    9. cumberland SHD
      cumberland SHD
      Well done in the Europa, pleased you won
    10. SJFC Craig
      SJFC Craig
      I hope you enjoy castration
    11. cumberland SHD
      cumberland SHD
      Hope you do well in the champions league
    12. Son
      Hello I saw ur message to me and I dont care if people on here hate me I like posting whatever I feel like posting!!
    13. NZCityfan1947
      How shall we fight? Dildos at dawn?
    14. David
      Hey Dan I'm doing pretty good thanks for asking. I'm still with her we have been working things out pretty good the last few days so it's looking like it's going to work out.
    15. King_Kenny
      Huh? How come the fonts on your profile are like, big?
    16. King_Kenny
      why thank you
    17. NZCityfan1947
      Don't be mean to Tshabs.
    18. The Dark Knight
    19. Jay
      She's my bit on the side.
    20. Sandsy
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    Oct 25, 1990 (Age: 33)
    Chelsea FC