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Wenger Was Overrated

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by Huxley, Oct 16, 2020.

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    Of course he was overrated. Anyone saying otherwise is just being either nostalgic or doesn’t actually remember how overrated he was.

    Wenger was once rated along side Fergie and Mourinho. Now ask yourself was he ever at that level? **** no.

    3 titles in 22 years, no European success in his entire management career, is an abysmal record for someone rated as one of the best managers of his generation. He was fortunate because he inherited a great squad that needed some upgrades, he had fore hand knowledge of the emerging French talent and sports science and came to England when it was a footballing backwater. When competition stepped up he was found out.

    As great as the invincible team were they were serial chokers, choked the league away in 2002/03, bottled a few cup games, and ALWAYS bottled in Europe.

    The way certain Arsenal fans are still stuck in the late 90s mid 2000s you would’ve thought we were Real Madrid galaticos or Ac Milan.

    I’ve written at length here that overall Wenger did more damage to the club than good, might sound extreme but hear me oir. We were supposed to get cruyff and we would’ve been better off long term if we had. When Wenger arrived we had won a title five years prior now we’re 18 years without a title. He left us way worse than he found us.

    I doubt Arsenal will recover from the last 13 years of Wengers reign and it’s not just about the quality of the team. We got Kreonke instead of Russian oligarch richer than Abramovic because of the self righteous anti ‘ financial doping ‘ stance of Wenger. The cultural transition of the club to a football hipster, nice, weak unambitious banter club will be difficult to shake for generations. I don’t see a way back for Arsenal. Between the ownership and fanbase molded by the Wenger era middle table mediocrity is our future.

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