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Footballforums.Net Awards Ceremony 2008 (RESULTS)

Discussion in 'Football Forum Awards' started by Hashtag55, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Hashtag55

    Hashtag55 Aka Andy-gers1
    Staff Member

    Nov 28, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Hey everyone.. There was a total of 87votes, i would have hade this done for around 9pm.. but laptop ko'd so im deeply sorry about the wait.

    I would like to thank everyone that took the time to vote in each category..

    It was fun.. :) and kinda funny.. Good luck everybody ;)

    Appologies on some spelling mistakes.. :)


    One vote for : Arn, Baaarsnleh, Blue Manchester, Fox Cub, Galenkia, Hirdy 35, Nffc Liam, Offerton Hater, Oldham Blue, Poppet, Rafasarmy, Riggy, Robert Brown, Shipper CTFC, Spurs Legend, UtdCol90, Waveney Wolf, deadly demon.

    Two Votes For : AdzSafc, Daaarbeh, Donny Bob, Itsintheblood, Pvm66,

    Three Votes for : Andu_11, Miss Lfc, Skippy

    3rd PLACE Juanderful (4 votes)

    RUNNER UP - Damoni & Jammy Dodger (both with 6 votes)

    WINNER Davy Gravy (10 Votes)


    One Vote For - Chefurberjuice, Juanderful, Nffc Liam, Queenie, Riggy, Zakboy_afg

    Two Votes For - Bluebirds

    Five Votes For - Aesthetic Relic

    Six Votes For - |Keane7|

    Seven Votes For - Digital Twisted

    3rd PLACE Damoni (9 Votes)

    RUNNER UP - Chelsea Blue (13 Votes)

    WINNER Skippy (21 Votes)

    FF Member Most Likely to be Ghey

    One Vote For - Brian Lfc, Chairboy1, Crespo 2006, Davy Gravy, Doreo, DShamen, DV85, ffc fan 4 life, Harlow, Jammy Dodger, Joeskeppi, Jose the God, Kirkby Red, Michelles Mate, Ollie Cufc, Poppet, Red Dev, Rigoglioso, Sandman, Son, The Voice.

    Two Votes For - Cambridge007, Donny Bob, Mr Premiership, Phil Jack, Sacko,

    Three Votes For - Itsjoshmeowd, CTFC Warlord, Luke Ciderhead, Scotty Walds.

    3rd PLACE Damoni & C@rl (8 votes)

    RUNNER UP - AstoundingFooty (10 Votes)

    WINNER Chelsea Blue (11 Votes)

    FF award for criminal spelling and grammar

    One Vote For - ac me nan, Andu_11, Bergkamps God, Bluenose 51, Bob the Sheep, Cardiff Wandere, Crespo, Fringey, gers_fan1, great white, Histon, i8derby, itsjoshmeowd, Juanderful, Kirkby Red, LFC Redfan, Michelles Mate, Miss LFC, Nffc Liam, Rocky Balboa, Rogue, SFCFAN, Son, Steve Shrimper, The Mighty Red, TLC, Torres Da God, Weekender PAFC, Wenger the king, Westendlad, Fent.

    Two Votes For - Birkenhead, British Born, cambridgefan28, Codemned Red.

    3rd PLACE |Keane7| & Warnoksminder (3 Votes)

    RUNNER UP - Cambridge007 (4 Votes)

    WINNER Damoni (15 Votes)

    User most likely to be a virgin

    One Vote For - AdzSAFC, Andy, Bergkamps God, Birkenhead, Britishborn, Bs4gas, ffc fan 4 life, Harlow, Histin, Jagsman, K4T, KfcGil, Kirkby Red, Phil Jack, Rigogloiso, Rouge, Sharp, Zakboy_Afg

    Two Votes For - Canairy Girl, Crespo 2006, Scotty Walds, Jonno 1979

    Three Votes For - Astounding Footy

    Four Votes For - great_white, CTFC Warlord, Chelsea Blue.

    3rd PLACE Davy Gravy (10 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Damoni (11 Votes)

    WINNER C@rl (18 Votes)

    User most in need of a good lay

    One Vote For - Andy, Arsene Bridge, British Born, Canairy Girl, crstig, Crespo 2006, Davidwag, Davy Gravy, Dawg, Digital Twisted, Doreo, Dozzer Cufc, DShamen, FY1, gers_fan1, Harlow, Irish White, Kelly Owls, Kfcgill, Kirkby Red, Lockie, Luke Ciderhead, Martinho, Niftyatfifty, Rocky Balboa, Rogue, Scotty Walds, Son, Timmy, warnocksminder.

    Two Votes For - Jonno1979, Michelle, Phil Jack,

    Three Votes For - Brian Lfc, Chelsea Blue, Superyids

    3rd PLACE Astounding Footy, Damoni, Chelsea Blue (4 Votes)

    RUNNER UP great_white (9 Votes)

    WINNER C@rl (14 Votes)

    FF Numpty of the year
    (Formerly 'User most likely to be Berks').

    One Vote For - Aerowsfc, C@rl, Codemned Red, CTFC Warlord, Cambridge007, Dan_19, Doreo, DV85, Harlow, itsjoshmeowd, Juanderful, Kirkby Red, LFCtillidie, Lockie, No one likes us, Rangers4ever, Sebastian, Serbion Iron, SFC Fan, Smoggie999, Tails, Barnsleytillidie.

    Two Votes For - Astounding Footy, Bergkamps God, Brian LFC, British Born, fblockrob, freathy, K4T, Phil Jack, Scotty Walds, Son, 'Uddersfield.

    3rd PLACE Chelsea Blue & Sacko (3 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Jose the God (10 Votes)

    WINNER Damoni (18 Votes)

    FF Deluded User of the Year

    One Vote For - 51andCounting, AdzSAFC, Astounding Footy, Birkenhead, Bridgewatergas, Cambridge007, cambridge28, C@rl, codemned red, DDRICKYDD, Doreo, Fabgun, Gloucester Red, Harlow, hbk4894, Histon, JonP, Kelly Owls, Kirkby Red, Lockie, No-one-likes-us, Not a Wurzel, Nufc Liam, Ollie CUFC, Slavio Irsko, TOM OAFC, Undersireable, YNWA.

    Two Votes For - Bergkamps God, itsjoshmeowd, superyids.

    Three Votes For - Brian Lfc, Damoni, Phil Jack , Serbian Iron

    3rd PLACE ScouseMouse, fblockrob, Chelsea Blue (4 Votes)

    RUNNER UP CTFC Warlord (5 Votes)

    WINNER Jose the God (15 Votes)

    FF Member Likely to be Someone Else

    One Vote For - Aeroswfc, Astounding Footy, Crespo 2006, Dan, Doodlebug, ECFC Girl, Fabgun, FY1, Hackney18, Kettle Chip, Lockie, Michelle, No-one-likes-us, Not a Wurzel, Quirkafleeg, Rogue, Self Actual Eye, Serbian Iron, Skitzo, Slavio Irsko, Steve Di Canio, SuperMarioB, TLC, WhoIzzet.

    Two Votes For - CTFC Warlord, Chelsea Blue, Daaarbeh, Davy Gravy, Dondee, Kalamazoo Claret, Son, Stretford End,

    3rd PLACE 51andCounting & Sebastion (4 Votes)

    RUNNER UP C@rl & Jose The God (5 Votes)

    WINNER Damoni (9votes)

    FF Best Forum

    One Vote For - Announcements & Feedback, Arsenal, Chelsea, Cliftonvale, Image and Graphics, Manchester Utd, Music, Trains Plaines and Automobiles,

    Two Votes For - General Worldwide Football Discusions, Football Triva.

    Four Votes for - Non League, Scottish Football, Technology and Gaming, Spurs, Current Affairs.

    Seven Votes For - Flood This & Premiership

    3rd PLACE League 1 (10 Votes)

    RUNNER UP General Off Topic (12 Votes)

    WINNER Championship (15 Votes)

    FF Best Thread

    One Vote For - Barnsley v Sheffield Utd, Berbatov to Man Utd, Best Feeling in the world, Blasts in Mumbai, Bristol City v Gas, Describe your life in a movie title, FAO Damoni, Football Manager 2009 Progress Reports, For a grand, India Attacks, Irish League Supporters Story, King of the Ling, Lets all laugh at leeds, Michael Gash, Millwall v Leeds, Most Natural Goalscorer in Premiership History, Mugabe, Rate the rock song, Reply everytime you view, Ronaldo Thread, Scone, Spurs - Carling Cup Final, Swansea Fans v Cardiff Fans, Tasteless Jokes, Ugly Fecker, What Would Scotty Walds do?, Your..

    Two Votes For - Corner Pub, Insomnia Core

    Three Votes For - Chelsea will retain the FA Cup this season, Eboue appreciation thread, Forest v Derby.

    3rd PLACE Berbatov to Man City (4 Votes)

    RUNNER UP GIMPS XI (5 votes)

    WINNER I've Found the ugliest person on Facebook - By AdzSAFC (13 Votes)

    FF Best Fans

    One Vote - Hearts, Leeds, Man City, Norwich, Plymouth, Sheffield Wed, Sheffield Utd, Sunderland, Yeovil, Cardiff, Cheltenham

    Two Votes For - Bristol City, Carlisle Utd, Chelsea, Cliftonvale, Derby, Leicster, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Rangers, Wrexham, Wolves, Torquay, Swansea,

    Three Votes For - Arsenal, Doncaster, Dundee Utd, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Swindon, Wycombe,

    Four Votes for - AFC Bournemouth,

    3rd PLACE Hull City (5votes)

    RUNNER UP Liverpool (6 Votes)

    WINNER Tottenham (7 Votes)

    FF Worst Fans

    One Vote for - Burnley, Chester, Cliftonvale, Derby, Dundee, Ipswich, Kettering, Linfield, Middlebrough, MK Dons, Notts Cty, Peterbrough, Wigan, West Ham, Bournemouth.

    Two Votes For - Aberdeen, Blackburn, Cheltenham, Hearts, Leeds Utd, Swansea, Swindon, Charlton

    Three Votes For - Barnsley, Chelsea, Cambridge, Plymouth

    3rd PLACE Arsenal & Manchester Utd (5 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Notts Forest (7 Votes)

    WINNER Liverpool (24 Votes)

    FF Laziest Mod

    One Vote For - Chelsea blue, DV85, GMBee, James F, Luke Ciderhead, nesnap, Stretford End, Trifon Ivanov :confused, WhoIzzet, Woody.

    Two Votes For - Delilah, Turkey

    Three Votes For - Red Dev, ITFC Jez, Gruffy, K@mpso,

    3rd PLACE Monty, Tas, TLC, (7 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Great White (8 Votes)

    WINNER DShamen (13 Votes)

    FF Best Mod

    One Vote For - BARNETFAN1, Dundee_United, gers_fan1, K@mpso, Monty, One John Ryan, Tas, Yip Yap Stam.

    Two Vote For - GMBee, Alex Gulls, DV85, Hants Pilgram, Skippy, Luke Ciderhead, TAFKAP.

    Five Votes For - Great White

    Eight Votes for - ITFCJez

    3rd PLACE TLC (10 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Stretford End (12 Votes)

    WINNER WhoIzzet (19 Votes)

    Funniest User

    One Vote For - 51andCounting, Alex Gulls, Argyle Ive, AsHighAsAKuyt, Astounding Footy, Beeseen, Chazza, Chopper, Custard, Damoni, Davy Gravy, Digital Twisted, DV85, fblockrob, FY1, Irish White, K4T, Like Rats, Mattledud, Mr Premiership, Redman, Robert Brown, Seanofthedead, Sebastian, Sir Basle Tote, TOM OAFC, Yip Yap Stam.

    Two Votes For - Benzel, Great White, Ollie CUFC, Robin L, Sandman, Superyids, Tractor Boy, warnocksminder,

    Three Votes For - Chelsea Blue, Jose the God

    Four Votes For - gers_fan1 & CTFC Warlord

    3rd PLACE AdzSAFC (5 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Quirkafleeg (7 Votes)

    WINNER 'Uddersfield (8 Votes)

    Most Likeable User

    One Vote For - 15charactersmax, Alex Gulls, Andy, Beeseen, Blackpool O, Canairy Fairy, Cescy Football, Damoni, Davy Gravy, Donny Bob, DV85, Dozzer CUFC, Eddie SCFC, EscaField, ICarrasco, James F, Jammy Dodger, Jockney, Joeskeppi, Juanderful, Lampard 8, Lfcdon8, Like Rats, Madd Hater, Mattledud, Luke Ciderhead, Michelle, Mick Grant, Nottm Forrst, Nufc Liam, Posh Josh, Quirkafleeg, Rafasarmy, Scouser Jake, Sharp, Sir Basle Tote, Superyids, TAFKAP, thelawnmowerman, 'uddersfield, Waveny Wolf, WhoIzzet.

    Two Votes For - AdzSAFC, Andu_11, ITFC Jez, Jacktclark, Linekar Legend, Robin L, ShippersCTFC, Stretford End, Spurs4Eva, Trent End Ben.

    3rd PLACE Tractor Boy, Skippy (3 votes)

    RUNNER UP gers_fan1 & kelly owls (4 Votes)

    WINNER Taffy (5votes)

    Member you'd most like to meet in real life

    One Vote For - 4737 Carling, Sir, Andu_11, Astounding Footy, Birkenhead, Blood e el, Caeser, Cescy Football, Chazza, Daaarbeh, Damoni, Davy Gravy, Donny Bob, Dundee United, EddieSCFC, Escafield, Flagman, Gunner32, Hants Pilgram, Itsintheblood, JamesF, Jammy Dodger, KellyOwls, KFCGill, Kirkby Red, Linekar Legend, Luke Ciderhead, Madd Hatter, MFC Mark, Michelle, MickGrant, Miss LFC, Never Alone, Nobody :(, Posh Josh, Powerage, Sir Basle Tote, Skippy, Skorn, Taffy, TLC, 'Uddersfield, WhoIzzet, Zippy.

    Two Votes For - Alex Gulls, Canairy Girl, CTFC Warlord, Chelsea Blue, Dshamen, Everyone, gers_fan1, ICarrasco, Jose The God.

    WINNER AdzSAFC, Stretford End, Trent End Ben. (3 Votes)

    Oversea's User of the Year

    One Vote For - Aretak, Argyle Ive, Audiophillia, Fightforthefuture, Hirdy35, Notts35, SirBasleTote, thelawnmowerman, Trojii, Zakboy_afg, K@mpso,

    Two Votes For - TUBORG

    Four Votes For - Cescy Football

    Six Votes For - great_white

    Ten Votes for - Zippy

    3rd PLACE I Carrasco (11 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Andu_11 (13 Votes)

    WINNER Skippy (16 Votes)

    Most Knowledge about Football

    One Vote For - AB2002, BARNETFAN1, Chopper, Custard, Dozzer CUFC, Dundee United, DV85, GMBee, Hbk, Jockney, Juanderful, K@mpso, Leicster Mad, One John Ryan, PazzAFCB, Pirate Scotty, RafasArmy, Scotty Walds, Scunnymadandy, Superyids, Taj, Taurus, Tuburg,

    Two Votes For - Escafield, Hants Pilgram, Like Rats, Michelles Mate, Phil Jack, Quirkafleeg, WhoIzzet, Wycombe Royal

    Three Votes For - Luke Ciderhead, Skorn,

    3rd PLACE Monty & AstoundingFooty (4 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Brian Lfc (6 Votes)

    WINNER Stretford End (17 Votes)

    Off-Topic User of the year

    One Vote For - Andu_11, Brian Lfc, Damoni, Dan_19, Donny Bob, DShamen, Michelle, Offerton Hater, Rogue, Bergkamps God

    Two Votes For - C@rl, Davy Gravy, hbk, Ollie CUFC, Tractor Boy, WhoIzzet.

    Three Votes For - Astounding Footy, Digital Twisted, Mattledud, Taffy, Zippy

    3rd PLACE Chelsea Blue, Kelly Owls, great_white, AdzSAFC, (4 Votes)

    RUNNER UP gers_fan1 (5 Votes)

    WINNER 'Uddersfield (7 Votes)

    Premiership User of the Year

    One Vote For - Aesthetic Relic, Athers, Bergkamps God, Cescy Football, Delilah, ffc fan 4 life, Geordielen, Linekar Legend, mattledud, Powerage, Rafalution, Rafas Army, The Ditler, Yip Yap Stam.

    Two Votes For - Jacktclark, MC Martin, Red Dev, Superyids, TAFKAP, WhoIzzet.

    Three Votes For - Jose the god, Robin L

    Five Votes for - Chelsea Blue

    3rd PLACE AdzSAFC (6 votes)

    RUNNER UP Brian Lfc (11 Votes)

    WINNER Stretford End (12 Votes)

    Championship User of the Year

    One Vote For - Aquarios ccfc, Argyle Ive, Coventry Joe, Daaarbeh, Escafield, FY1, GDP, Green Sam, Michelle, Mitchwales, Nottm Forest, One John Ryan, Super Horns, SWFC Girl, Warnocksminder, Waveny Wolf,

    Two Votes For - Canairy Girl, ITFC Jez, cristg,

    3rd PLACE Kelly Owls, Phil Jack, Trent End Ben.

    RUNNER UP Luke Ciderhead (5 votes)

    WINNER Quirkafleeg (19 Votes)

    League 1 User of the Year

    One Vote for - AB2002, Blind Bigot, htafcfan1908, Jammy Dodger, lcfc1884, Lionspride, MFCMark, Ollie CUFC, Simpo, Son, STFC Rich, Tas, Timothy12, TOM_OAFC, Warsawpack

    Two Votes For - DShamen, Tails, Sir Basle Tote,

    Three Votes For - Copacetic, Jockney, 'Uddersfield,

    3rd PLACE DV85 (5 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Astounding Footy (7 votes)

    WINNER CTFC Warlord (10 Votes)

    League 2 User of the Year

    One Vote For - Bracknell Bee, Bradford Joe, Brentford Tom, Dagger Goat, Orange Salopian, Quirkafleeg, Scott AFCB, Scunnymadandy, Sharkers4life, bcfcmcpeake, Beeseen, Berks Wandere,

    Two Votes For - BARNETFAN1, Bournemouth_Ryan, Chairboy1, itsjoshmeowd, phantom bantam, Pirate Scotty,

    Three Votes For - Mad Hatter

    3rd PLACE GMbee, PazzAFCB, (4 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Ben AFCB (5 Votes)

    WINNER Sandman (8 Votes)

    Non League User of the Year

    One Vote For - Blood e el, Johnwrexhamfc, Tomo, Dagger Goat

    Two Votes For - Taffy, great_white

    Four Votes - Alex Gulls

    3rd PLACE Dozzer CUFC & Juanderful ( 5 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Scotty Walds (8 Votes)

    WINNER Hants Pilgram (11 Votes)

    Scottish Football User of the Year

    One Vote - Bundy

    Two Votes for - Skorn

    Three Votes For - Like Rats, Glasgow Tim, Dundee United,

    3rd PLACE Digital Twisted (7 Votes)

    RUNNER UP Davy Gravy (11 Votes)

    WINNER gers_fan1 (29 Votes)

    Irish Football User of the Year

    One Vote For - Ben AFCB, K@mpso, Red Maruder

    RUNNER UP nl reds ( 2votes)

    WINNER Irish White (15 Votes)

    Asset of FF for work Done

    One Vote For - Dshamen, GMBee, Hants Pilgram, ITFC Jez, Monty, One John Ryan

    3rd PLACE WhoIzzet, Skippy, Luke Ciderhead, gers_fan1, Digital Twisted, Damoni (2 votes)

    RUNNER UP TLC (11 Votes)

    WINNER Stretford End (only33 votes)

    FF USER OF 2008

    One Vote For - Alex Gulls, Astounding Footy, Audiophilia, Blood e el, Bundy, Crespo 2006, Canairy Fairy, Chelsea Blue, Daaarbeh, Deadly Demon, Donny Bob, Dundee United, DV85, Glasgow Tim, hegarty, Jammy Dodger, Jose the god, Phil Jack, Sandman, Sir Basle Tote, Skorn, thelawnmowerman, timothy12, Trent End Ben,

    Two Votes For - AdzSAFC, Brian LFC, DavyGravy, JacktClark, Luke Ciderhead,

    Three Votes - 'Uddersfield, Andu_11, Damoni

    Four Votes For - CTFC Warlord, Taffy,

    3rd PLACE great_white, Quirkafleeg (5 votes)

    RUNNER UP WhoIzzet (7 Votes)

    WINNER Stretford End (10 Votes)

    Well Done Everyone :clap: Happy New Year.. Andy ;)
  2. C@rl

    C@rl Bi-Winning

    Aug 20, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Manchester United
    I retain my awards :D

    Thanks for voting and cheers Gers!
  3. Wingman

    Wingman New Member

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Newcastle United
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw yeah. I won some, bad ones but none the less. :bananadance
  4. DG

    DG I can't spell

    Apr 5, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Glasgow Rangers
    Best Newcomer :Banana:
  5. JTC77

    JTC77 Ugistered Reser

    Nov 13, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Up North
    Manchester United
    Well done gers fan1 for putting all that together, it must have took ages:thumb
  6. DG

    DG I can't spell

    Apr 5, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Glasgow Rangers
    Well done Andy for winning the Scottish member award :thumb

    Thanks to the 11 people that voted for me :D
  7. Michelle

    Michelle Bluebirds

    Jun 24, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Cardiff City
    :laugh: Congrats Damon!
  8. Hashtag55

    Hashtag55 Aka Andy-gers1
    Staff Member

    Nov 28, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Trust me mate... It did, Was doing well.. Laptop musta overheated.. Ko'd, i couldnt believe it, ahd to do it all over again :laugh:
  9. ITFC Jez

    ITFC Jez We can still win this

    Jul 4, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Ipswich Town
    Great work, gers_fan1! :clap:

    Thanks. :)
  10. Trent End Ben

    Trent End Ben New Member

    Sep 12, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Nottingham Forest
    Aaaw, person you'd most like to meet in real life :)

    Good work gers_fan1 :)

    (although, it's not Notts Forest) :laugh:
  11. TLC

    TLC FF's OverWench
    Staff Member

    Sep 29, 2003
    Likes Received:
    The mighty Newcastle United
    Nice work Andy :clap:
  12. MFCMark~

    MFCMark~ Registered User

    Oct 8, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Millwall FC
    Three points:

    1) Who wants to meet me? :love:

    2) Thanks for whoever voted for me in L1 User Of The Year

    3) Who the f*ck voted for NOLU as most deluded?! :laugh: I think whoever cast that vote should automatically get the award for most deluded ;)
  13. Sgt. Serious

    Sgt. Serious Moderator
    Staff Member

    Mar 12, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Swindon Town
    No awards as usual but more votes than I usually get.

    A few in the negative catergories (thanks Warlord) and a few in the positives ones as well (thanks whoever)

    Some obvious and some shocks. I did contemplate not reading on after a few Davy Gravy best new comer. Spurs best fans, Uddersfield funniest member, Warlord L1 user of the year, brianlfc 2nd in most football knowledge :laugh: bet all his votes were from scousers!

    good effort andy!
  14. i8derby

    i8derby loves forest, hates derby

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Nottingham Forest F.C
    Yay one vote :clap:
  15. STFC Rich

    STFC Rich FORZA Swindon!

    May 22, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Swindon Town
    Doesn't Borelord get user of the year for league one every year?
  16. Sacko

    Sacko Tigers Tigers Rah Rah Rah

    Mar 11, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Hull City
    Damn you all.

    I wanted a Sacko white wash this year but you fools didn't let that happen now, did you?

  17. 'Uddersfield

    'Uddersfield @uddersfield

    Apr 21, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Huddersfield Town. Duh.
    HEY! What's that meant to mean :(

    But apparently I'm funny and the best off-topic poster. I didn't even like football anyway.

    Cheers Andy.
  18. Irish White

    Irish White "Adult"

    Dec 30, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Leeds United, Sligo Rovers
    Fair play Andy mate.

    Didn't expect to win Irish User of the year by that much but yeah:)

    Did I not vote for Lampard_8?

    Cheers to all those who voted for me and a big f*ck you to those who did not.
  19. BCFC~McPeake

    BCFC~McPeake Cool for cats.

    Aug 16, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Bradford City
    Wheeeeyyyy! Good to know people care.

    I got a vote.
  20. Sgt. Serious

    Sgt. Serious Moderator
    Staff Member

    Mar 12, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Swindon Town
    Nah, you're a decent poster but I wouldnt say you were funny or anything. I dont ever read your posts and break out laughing or something!

    ...or am I missing something and everyone else pisses themselves with laughter when the read the word gash?

    Maybe im too mature to get your humour?!

    Not trying to have a dig or anything just never had you down as a comedian

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